By westie732 - United States - Pickerington
  Today, the guy I've been seeing bought me a nice bottle of wine and cooked dinner for me. Later, we started having sex for the first time. All was going well until he ran to the bathroom mid-sex and I had to listen to him with explosive diarrhea. The worst part is, he wanted to keep going after. FML
westie732 tells us more :
Hey, OP here! I've been reading the comments and thought I'd chime in. First off, I want to make it very clear that I am mature enough to realize that these things happen! We all do it, and sometimes it doesn't happen as conveniently as we wish. I work in health care and have been in some, excuse my pun, shitty situations... So, I get it. In no way shape or form did I call him out, make him feel bad or anything. I acted like I had no clue what actually went on. Now I do agree that this situation may be more FML to him rather than me, but some parts got left out because of word restriction on here. In all honesty he had been drinking a little too much and was pretty drunk, so I'm not even sure if he knew how much noise and how not discreet he was. I get a little careless while I'm drunk so I know how it goes. I was only saying how uncomfortable and awkward the situation was for me, especially since I'm pretty shy and not one for starting conversation about the shit you just took. Again, I never gave him a hard time over it. Our night was enjoyable and he put a great deal of effort and time into cleaning, cooking and making the night great. I can't fault the man, and never once did I say I was too low to give him another shot. Who knows, maybe it's something we can both laugh about someday! Thanks for reading, have a good day and remember, shit happens. ;)
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By  minissaussette  |  25

Well it's as embarrassing as you make it. It's not a nice or sexy thing, especially for a date, but it's natural and can happen to everyone. I'd say it wasn't very nice of you to make him feel even worse about it ...

By  minissaussette  |  25

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  tabbycat2007  |  22

Agreed. Shit happens, and we can't always control it. Hopefully OP can be an adult about it and laugh it off, and this can be a funny story they tell people later on in their relationship.

  Setareh23  |  34

I agree the it's a normal thing, but to be fair we have no idea if OP gave him a hard time about it. For all we know, she declined having sex after as nicely as possibly (because if the mood is gone and she just couldn't get back into it, she shouldn't force herself to have sex with him when she doesn't want to, just to spare his feelings) and just posted this here as a way to rant about an awkward/funny situation anonymously and without hurting him. If she was mean about it to him though, yeah that would be pretty crummy, especially since he put so much effort and was in a vulnerable position. I feel bad for them, but hopefully they'll laugh it off eventually!


No one's obligated to continue with sex they don't want just to spare someone's feelings. There's no evidence here that the OP wasn't polite about saying no, and they'll probably have sex again under better circumstances.

By  rainbowsRlove  |  15

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By  jonny201  |  11

His FML: I had an amazing date with this girl and we ended up having sex. Unfortunately mid-sex, I had raging diarrhea. When I got back, she wouldn't even let me finish. FML