By ColdFoot - 03/10/2009 06:38 - Australia

Today, my train was canceled so my ticket expired by the time another train arrived. I was fined $90 by ticket inspectors 'cause my claim that the early train didn't run was "unsubstantiated". Leaving the train I was pushed by the crowd, fell, lost a shoe and had to walk home with one bare foot. FML
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You could've hopped home like Peter Cottontail hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on its way...


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I'm sorry =( ticket inspectors suck. Better luck tomorrow, especially if you're a regular train commuter =)

You could've hopped home like Peter Cottontail hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on its way...

#3: best... comment... ever.... and OP fyl indeed... connex have bastard inspectors and offer crap service... its great that they r gonna be kicked out of victoria though!

You should be able to dispute that - if the train really was cancelled they should be able to check the records or something.

australia's train systems are crap. they don't take any excuses for not having a ticket. even when it's their fault. @OP, i feel your pain =[[.

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There is only one excuse I have found to work. Act like a retarded country bumpkin and it's your first time in such a big scary city. Easy enough for me because I AM a retarded country bumpkin that rarely goes into Melbourne. Heh. I love it when a ticket inspector hops on the tram and half the passengers immediately run out the door

That comment just made me lol really hard. Thank you!!

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Ugh, connex fail. Every second week my connecting tram is late/doesn't arrive, meaning I don't board until after my 2-hour ticket has run out.

Connex are ******* bastards. And the government thinks it's solving the problem by changing owners in December. Bullshit, different name, same budget, same system, same trains, same cars! same ridiculous problems with aircon shutting down the entire system. To hell with Connex. FYL

The train company had a legal obligation to get you to your destination if you paid for it so the ticket inspector was wrong. Sue?

OP is not in America. The rest if the world sucks up injustice and goes on with life. Only in America do you sue for every inconvience.

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At least this won't happen once MyKi is introduced!

wow you guys have a very bad system I live in Montreal and take the commuter train all the time to get downtown and when you validate your ticket, it's good for at least 2 trains I've missed a train before simply because I was shopping while waiting, or bumped into a friend and decided to grab a coffee with her and get home later you should be allowed to go on the next one without problem - its the same price! lol I'd contest it, btw, since it is true that the train was cancelled!