Oh no, not you

By Anonymous - 11/06/2021 00:01

Today, I had no idea my dad and my fiancé's dad are old enemies, until we brought our families together for the first time since we met and COVID rules were relaxed. Long story short, there was a brawl, lots of drinking, a destroyed back garden and we’re not engaged anymore. FML
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A modern “Romeo and Juliette” situation?


A modern “Romeo and Juliette” situation?

Wow! Talk about plot twist. Maybe there can be some light at the end of the tunnel or proper closure by talking to your former fiance. Or might have to move on cause this was bad. Hope the brawl was at least entertaining. Everyone likes a good scrap!

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You deserve it if you allow your parent's pathetic childishness ruin your relationship.

Your life sucks but you possibly still deserved it. These things don’t happen over nothing. Guy could’ve done something serious like rape your dad’s friend. I had this happen once with my cousin’s ex. She got with a guy who raped my friend. She didn’t know it was him, and she didn’t tell me about him until introducing me. It was immediately after opening the door that I tried to kill him with a screwdriver. Cops weren’t called Bc my cousin asked why, I stated the truth, and she dumped him.

Sounds like Bad Blood ! Shame they couldn't be grown and put it behind them

Who the hell has "enemies"? I get hating each other's guts, but enemies, what does that entail exactly? Do they spend time scheming against and foiling each other's plans for world domination? In any event, they both seem to have the maturity of Pinky and the Brain's intended audience....

Wow, sounds like both men are very petty and need to grow up. It's absolutely asinine that you and your fiance had to call off your engagement because of their crap. So sorry, OP.