By TeddyBearKiller - 07/10/2013 01:11 - United States

Today, my coworker convinced a little girl that teddy bears are actually the bodies of dead baby bears. I work at Build-a-Bear-Workshop, and we were working a 4-year-old's birthday party. FML
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I would uh, say something to your boss OP. Looks like your co-workers going to lose you guys some business.

you should tell your boss. this kid could be really traumatized now..


I would uh, say something to your boss OP. Looks like your co-workers going to lose you guys some business.

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Let's just be glad he didn't introduce them to Ted...

But Ted was sweet and cute once upon a time!

you should tell your boss. this kid could be really traumatized now..

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Welp, there goes her an early age too....

Probably also told them Santa wasn't real and tooth fairy money stems from parents lies. why not ruin everything all at once. Such an asshole.

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I can offer some shut the fucupcakes if you want some.

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I have one build the bear bears! u wana introduce them and we can have a tea party?

40 - chocolate chip with a dose of weed for one hell of a craving experience.

kids get bad impact of such misleading things. . shame on ur coworker

One way to mentally and emotionally scar children.

Wait...What? Are you saying they're not?!

I guess you could say they found it unBEARable. You should tell your coworker to stuff it.

Schizomaniac 24

Not bad, but a small piece of advice, if I may: it isn't necessary to capitalize the pun. The second one was fine but the first one seemed like you were trying too hard. It's sort of like telling a joke and before ending saying "OKAY GUYS THIS PART IS THE PUNCHLINE GET READY FOR THE PUNCHLINE." But what do I know? I'm just a drunkard with nothing left to live for. *drinks self into oblivion*

Once you ingest considerable amounts of Nutella your mind just starts to say "Fuck it." to most laws and rules. He literally doesn't give a shit about what you and your weaksauce "alcohol" have to say.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

u should never drink yourself into oblivion.. unless you woke up late, got a speeding ticket, got broken up with ending the greatest relationship youve ever had, dog died, and someone robbed your house.

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Some people are just not kid friendly (like myself) and that's okay, but don't choose a job where that's majority of clientele. Tell your coworker to get lost, OP.

I don't understand how people don't like children. You were a child once.

doglover100 28

I know a girl who babysits but doesn't like kids. Uhhhh why are you babysitting then?

BreynHope 11

To 39: It's not that I don't like children, I'm just not really good at talking to them on there level.. Kind of like op's coworker.

56, I know what you mean. I like kids but there's the whole, what do they know and understand?

thatonegirlnic 10

Seriously, just because someone isn't happy with their life doesn't mean they have to ruin someone else's. People.

daisiebud 18

When I was little I told my younger sister that ketchup was made of cats blood. I kinda feel bad for that one actually.

alshygirl 14

Omg that's a good one. I told my sister when we were swimming in a lake that when she swam through a cold spot it was because a dead person was beneath her. It still freaks her out to this day.

There must be a lot of dead bodies in Allouette Lake then cause its ******* cold in the summertime.

aria78 19

I convinced my daughter marshmallows were made out of bug guts. I also convinced my teenage sisters that when your eyelashes fall out they never grow back.

Yeah my sisters both teamed up to convince me that the black seeds in watermelons were sleeping baby beetles and that if I ate them they would wake up and reproduce inside me......I was four....and they are older by a few years. My mom had to get watermelon without seeds for about two years before my sisters confessed.