By pleasekillme - 19/04/2013 11:44 - United Kingdom - Brighton

Today, it has been over 3 months since my housemates ended their 1 month long relationship. He's still creepily obsessed with her. He picked the bathroom lock when I was in the shower and tried to get in, and then called me a "fucking c*nt" when he realised it was me in there, not her. FML
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Call the police. Nothing good is going to come out of letting this slide.


I agree with 25. You should tell her about this shower incident & you and her should team up and demand that he moves out ASAP. Because if he's that obsessed & in that kind of scary/creepy way, both oh you may be in alot of danger by living with him

Yeah sure, you tell the crazy obsessed ex that he's moving out. **** that. I'd move now.

Why should OP have to be the one to move? This psycho should be kicked out and maybe the other housemate should look into a restraining order. This guy needs help

If he is already picking locks and trying to jump in the shower do you really think new locks and a piece of paper will make him behave? I'd be worried for my life. Thank god for 4th amendment.

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Probably safer for them to move and let him stay so be doesn't go all psycho when they tell him

49, You mean 2nd amendment, right? I'd be sleeping with my gun under my pillow with that guy in my home.

Just found out that this FML takes place in the UK. (I can't see location on my app.) Guess OP had better just call the coppers and "move house," as they say.

49 - yeah, thank God their house isn't allowed to be searched without a warrant. :P

Hahaha, I do infact mean the 2nd amendment. It looks like I need to go back to school and brush up on somethings.

TBh, I think the OP should move out with the other housemate...and not tell creepy stalker guy where they have moved to. Getting smeone kicked out can be a long and difficult process, and even if he had a restraining order he still might pick the locks, smash a window, or react violently to being left outside what he considers "his" house.

idk what its likes in the UK but here i'd think picking the lock is the wrong term. in most indoor locks I've seen the inside locks and instead of having a key for the outside there's a hole that you just stick a little rode with a flat piece on the end into. because I mean why would someone use a key to lock off the bathroom from the outside?

Call the police. Nothing good is going to come out of letting this slide.

Yea but lets hope op wasn't stunned and dropped the soap because then that wouldn't be the only thing to slide.

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Don't call the police. CLEARLY OP is in the wrong for showering.

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I know, right? Who still showers?

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The police wont do anything if he's legally allowed to be there. If he does/says something threatening, then they may have him temporarily removed. Not sure what the UK statutes are though.

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They need proof. Just saying or doing something random isn't enough for eviction either.

I'm pretty sure picking a locked door, invading someone's privacy and then verbally abusing the person is proof. And I would bet that this isn't a one-off incident.

#83 apparently not the guy trying to get blow jobs from his wife.

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Actually no 115, that is not proof...the physical evidence used to well, prove that he actually did those things would be the proof.

Obviously not the husband haggling for a *******

Sorry #120 didn't notice you already wrote it:(

Why haven't any of you taken legal action?

It's not always easy to take legal action. Not to mention that if legal action somehow did not work, it could create more problems between the OP and the creep.

@Howie my guess is that the apartment is in his name or something along those lines. its hard to fight invasion of privacy when said area doesn't belong to you. moving out on the other hand is completely viable if the flats in his name. and entering a shower with the wrong person isn't necessarily criminal unless of course he then forced himself upon her.

Pepper Spray! Usually keeps the creepers speechless for a while!

I don't know about tasers in the shower?

She could always spray the floor with Pam, as long as she remembers not to trip on it.

Not unless you consider yelling "AAAHHHHH!!" speechless.

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*casually pepper spray everything cop*

Tell her to get a restraining order. Pronto.

Yeah! You can always use the restraining order. Just ball it up and throw it at him. I don't know about you guys but restraining orders are useless here in FL.

Just playing devil's advocate here, but how well would a restraining order work on someone as psychopathic as her housemate's ex-boyfriend? Considering restraining orders are broken all of the time, I'm not sure if it would do much good.

I think it really depends on the level of psycho. My ex was up there and fortunately a restraining order did the trick. We worked together so he was let go and never bothered me again. I also live in Florida. :)

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What you two have said is very true sadly. However, with a restraining order in hand if this creeper pulls anything like this again, and he will, they will have the law on their side and can effectively have him removed from the premises by the police. And he might even have to face a short jail time and/probation for violating the restraining order against him. But I'm really not familiar with what happens when restraining orders are violated and especially not in the UK.

BellaBelle_fml 23

You raise an excellent point! Even if all the restraining order does is document the problem and notify the police of a stalker problem at this moment and a possible crime in the future, then I'd say get it just for that reason alone. It's always best to leave a paper trail. Should this head into the courtroom in the future, having several documents reporting the incidents would make it so much easier for them to prove that this has been a recurring issue and that something seriously needs to be done to put a stop to it once and for all!

as I pointed out before, either they have all their names on the lease or it could be in his name which makes it quite hard to say you're a creap get off our property. once again if they move then take out a restraining order it would work fine. though depending on how the contract is written up it might be very hard to get out if all of them signed the lease/mortage.

He should have moved out already, what a creep!

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At least he didn't get in the shower with you, before he realized.

Kick his ass to the curb or leave yourself

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Stop trying to be a smartass 36. It's not working.

That's Norman Bates creepy .... Moving out wud keep u safe but not yr roomie, get the guy arrested or admitted

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You'll spell out "arrested" and "admitted", but not "you"? Why?

How would they have abbreviated arrested and admitted? As stupid as it is to do it, using "u" makes a small bit of sense whereas saying arstd or admtd would make you look like your mom paid your way out of elementary school.