By MallowMistress - United States - Ochelata
Today, I woke up to find my fiancé in the pool with a topless woman he had told me "not to worry about". FML
MallowMistress tells us more :
Hey! OP here! I am kind of amazed this got posted! But it was a pool at our house, yes we are still engaged after much arguing, crying and confrontation. Nothing happened, but there was talk of them possibly being more until she realized she didnt want to ruin her own relationship over soemthing like that, because he had told her we were open so he can do whatever. (We had been at one time, but not in over a year.) So yeah hes in the doghouse and contact outside of work with her is now very limited and always monitored.
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  Nadine  |  21

I'm sure you're just trolling, but people cheat for a million and a half other reasons. The thrill is a big one. Or some other emotional issue going on in the relationship that could have absolutely nothing to do with sex.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

It's 2018. It's okay for women to be topless anywhere that men can be.