By embarrassed - 11/11/2011 15:17 - Canada

Today, I dined and dashed. Upon reaching my car, I realized I had left my seven year-old daughter in the restaurant. FML
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cradle6 13

Maybe they took her as payment. She'd probably be better off than with you.

My mom did this to me when I was 10...


My mom did this to me when I was 10...

13FTW 9

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xosportsgirl14x 8

24- why not? It was probably ages ago. I'd be more concerned with the OP sharing their story

I agree with 28

mduffy08 8


Who dines and dashes with a seven year old? What a loser!

That's so messed up for both, the child and the restaurant owner.

22cute 17

And the waitress! Many of those owners (illegally) take it out of the waitress' paycheck!

My parents did this to me when I was 4. Never saw them again.

I hope you are joking

cradle6 13

Maybe they took her as payment. She'd probably be better off than with you.

guitgod1 11

#3 - exactly!! It's one thing to be a moron; being a parent and a moron is a scary thing.

I voted you down so the number of likes became 69 so i could have a laugh. I feel like a terrible person now.

80, small things amuse small minds.

omgtakenotesfrod 3

You are dumb

Is this why my penis is small

That's why your name is sillyfart. Immaturity at it's finest...

Michael_Kelso 0

People get really angry about FML's. I figure most are fake so they're just all funny to me.

To be honest I really appreciate this conversation.

22cute 17

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Wicked361 8

80- I voted you down because you're stupid and I dont feel bad :)

stroudie94 9

The kids fml- "my asshole daddy forgot me and left me behind in a restaurant. He then came back for me. Fml"

bizarre_ftw 21

80 - I voted you up for the exact same reason. Not because I am juvenile, but because it was so fitting. However, you really didn't deserve it, quite the opposite actually. Oh the irony!!! It burns!

80: And your comment is at -69 right now. Irony?

#80 - I thumbed you down, and your number became -69...

ramboman19 8

292, I voted you down because your comment is cliché, and the FML doesn't specify whether it was the "daddy" or "mommy".

Omfg ur a fucking retard ydi FAIL

HAHAHA. That sucks.

HAHAHA. So does your mother.

funny nomon....

How is this comment being downvoted

jes1610 6

I hope you have your child taken away.

If your gonna dine and dash, at least do it the right way geez

That's.... Just wow..

xosportsgirl14x 8

Or don't dine and dash...

MarisaCB 16

If you're going to post online, at least use proper grammar. Jeez.

what's the matter with you !

ellybelly_502 4

Agreed! OP is a dumbass. I'm thinking child services? Ya.

Wow what a classy parent.

IKR? Their kid should be taken away. Horrible parenting is horrible.

Horrible comments are horrible

254 then stop making them

Let's just all smoke weed

say you went out to the car to get money!

What a dad you are

Putting this on everything I c?

How do you know it's the dad of the little girl?

Her dad was the first thing that came to my mind.

My police friend says that most dine & dash suspects are overweight females. Although there are males that commit the crime, too.

Apparently it turned out sexist.

hopkjw0 0

#39 It clearly says "MY seven year daughter".. DoomAs

boarder540 12

#117, do your saying a father doesn't have a son or daughter? That only the mother is privileged enough to have a son/daughter?

117 - it clearly doesn't specify the gender of the parent. In your own words: DoomAs.

bacon12 0

#117 Your calling him a dumb ass and you don't even know how to spell "dumb ass"

EmilyShmemily496 0

226- you're criticizing his spelling and YOU can't spell "you're"

117- it seems as if you are saying that a male is the only gender that can say "MY daughter". If I had a daughter and were to say "MY daughter", that doesn't make me male. So, I will say this as you said it.. "DoomAs"

bizarre_ftw 21

As it seems, grammar nazis and terminally stupid people have invaded this comment. Although, to be fair, it had it coming.