By SummerTime98 - Canada
Today, a man came up to me asking for my name. Thinking he was trying to hit on me, I rudely gave him a fake name. He thanked me and walked away. I continued to watch him leaving until I saw him ask another woman for her name and took out a wallet and showed it to her. It was my lost wallet. FML
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  youreanidiot  |  0

I don't, if she treats people like shit for trying to return her wallet but she thinks the world is about her and she's too good for everyone. YDI for being a bitch

  jts2  |  3

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  SummerTime98  |  0

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  ashiiya  |  0

Wow, I wonder who's fault that is =_= I don't blame the guy. You were pretty rude. No matter what the tone, just don't jump to conclusions. It's one of the worst things you can do.

  Reyo  |  2

OP: "Oh no, someone wants to know something as innocent as my name! He must be a homicidal rapist who kicks puppies!"

That's you.

  greenltrn2003  |  0

I kick puppies...national passtime

my nation anyway.
either way...what is a fake name gonna do to a person you dont want to flirt with you. and whats the use in being rude if you're gonna lie anyway. jus make you seem like that BIGGEST bitch


(not really)

but jeez...$50? thats a hell of a finders fee but at least be out of some rather than all

  amunnra  |  14

You deserve it, really. Not all the guys out there are the same. "Oh, yeah, he had a flirty tone and looked suspicious". I find it amusing that he wanted you to pay for the wallet, really.

  Creep2DJ  |  13

Really guys? Stop being assholes. OP was just being cautious (yes, maybe a little rude, but come on, at least half of us would have done the same). No need to berate her for trying to be careful in a world full of assholes.


I dont agree. How is it being full of herself if she is being cautious? Does anyone realized tht there are so many creeps out there and the way this man vibes were was just creepy to her. To all of you thinking she is rude. Maybe you are the rude. Go ahead and disagree but this is my opinion.

By  Ariel881  |  0

Did this other woman happen to look exactly like you? I'm sure he went up to you because you look like the person on your driver's license. Why did he pull the wallet out when he showed it to the other woman, when she obviously gave her own name and why did he not pull the wallet out when he was talking to you?

  boatkicker  |  4

Sweety, here's a smarter way to handle it.
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Jen what?"
And see here's where things get different. If he says "cause you're beautiful" you say "thank you," and walk away. If he says something like "cause I want you" you just walk away. No words needed. If he says "because I found a wallet and I want to see if it's yours?" you say your last name.

Usually, a random guy whose going to hit on you won't bother asking your last name. Also, not all guys are going to hit on you. Are you one of those girls who walks down the street and thinks every person who drives by who glances over at you is 'checking you out?' I really hope not. I can't stand those people.

  boatkicker  |  4

I have too. Quite a few bad experiences actually. Used to ride the bus. Drunk 60-year-old fat unwashed man, standing even though there were open seats and falling in my lap and grabbing my boob 'to keep him from falling' and then not getting up right away.When he finally got up used my boob, again, to help him stand back up, where he decided to flirt with me. Creepiest experience ever, and I couldn't even leave. Then there were a few that we (me and the rest of the daily riders) watched out for like 'thigh guy' who would stroke your thighs if he was beside you, and that blond guy who would stare down your shirt if he could find an angle that let him see, regardless of how obvious he was being.

  lelecocopuffs  |  5

People lie when they know there's a prize available. I would think nothing of it if someone walked up to me and asked my name, but if they ask my name and have the wallet in hand, in automatically going to try to get my hands on the wallet. (Not really)

By  perdix  |  29

Sucks to be you. Now you have to give this guy a cash reward for returning your wallet. If you had played your cards right, you could have gotten away with rewarding him with a tugjob.