By SeeTony - 19/11/2009 07:33 - United States

Today, I decided to begin jogging since my weight was getting a little out of control and I wanted to do something about it. Guess who tripped on a root and broke their ankle? Yeah. Exactly. FML
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Mr. Yeah? Did you help him up?

jts2 3

Who tripped and broke their ankle? ... Tell me, mother****er. TELL ME. THE SUSPENSE IS GONNA ****ING KILL ME.


perdix 29

Once your ankle heals, you'll be even fatter and more out of control.

I always trip over tree roots... Oh well FYL though :(

Stranger35 0

you didn't give me enough time to guess

lotusflower007 0

I know, every time I try to begin or resume my excersize routine, something happens... Don't let it stop you. Concentrate on diet right now. Work on getting the right nutrients for your ankle to heal, cut down on fats, and sugars. Maybe you can do dumbells on your arms, or work on stomach crunches while your legs are up.

JustaAngel 6

...F-ck that tree's life,lol but seriously OP i heard broken ankles suck so good luck with that[seeee i was niiice,lol]

how do you not see a root? YDI

I think, for future reference for others, they say not to start on a trail when you first start jogging, and start slow to try and keep things like this from happening. Your ankles get stronger from the jogging so then you're ready for rougher terrain. Plus, too much too fast will just burn you out and make you stop.

PHIRST 111906!!!!

That seriously sucks OP. Hopefully it heals within good time. Think of it this'll have to do some physio on that ankle to strengthen it back can exercise then!!

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YDI for saying 'Guess who?'