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Today, after a long day of cleaning, I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Reaching for what I thought was Pam I coated my bread with spray and put my sandwich in the pan. Pledge makes a great looking sandwich, but the lemony flavor tastes like crap. FML
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YDI for using PAM normally to make grilled cheese. Try some BUTTER, or a butter spread~not aerosolized oil.


YDI for using PAM normally to make grilled cheese. Try some BUTTER, or a butter spread~not aerosolized oil.

I'm with 1 on this. JUST USE BUTTER. Freaking spray people. Don't make the FDA start keeping oven cleaner and furniture polish behind the pharmacy counter, folks. Bunch of idiots. Really.

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Hold on. Did OP just write an FML on...a ******* grilled cheese sandwich?! WTF??? Posts nowadays are becoming pathetic! Suck it up, cupcake, and make yourself another damn sandwich!

Exactly what I was thinking. Who keeps their cleaning supplies near their cooking supplies? That just screams bad idea. Plus wouldn't the lemony fresh scent when you sprayed it be a dead giveaway?

retard he was CLEANING all day. u CLEAN with PLEDGE

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90- do you know him or something? fail.

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91- it says he was cleaning

If he was cleaning he would have smelled like pledge. But yeah. He should have noticed.

"...coated my bread..." What a retard. YDI for using Pam like a retard

Yea, YDI. You should've looked at the can or at least if you're in a hurry keep cleaning products away from the food.

YDI for making such an obviously fake FML. Pam and Pledge don't even look alike other then a yellow can. One has a little push button in which you have to removed the cap, the other one has a big yellow button you have to push down. They don't make the same noise, and they don't even look alike. Not to mention the biggest difference is that if you took two seconds to actually read the product, you'd have realized it wasn't what you thought. GTFO my FMLife with fake crap like this.

Wow, you have no imagination. GTFO this world.

Do you really think anyone would memorize the differences between everything in their house? Stating the differences won't do anything.

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Uhhhh. Yes? When I'm cooking I know what I grab by the feeling of it. If it's something like this, which is used a good amount with cooking, you should know what it feels like. Ex: you're not going to pour orange juice into your cereal because you had your eyes closed and meant to grab the milk. Different bottles have different feelings. It doesn't matter if he was tired or cleaning or whatever. There is an obvious difference that should have been noticed.

LOL who the **** uses aerosol oil spray to make a toastie??? And what's pledge like fly spray or something

Lolllll. Pledge is a cleaning solution spray.

Pledge is lemon scented furniture polish that comes in a can that looks nothing like the Pam can. Excuse the illiterates, they know not what they refuse to read. :D

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why would you have pledge anywhere near your cooking items? i know the logical thing is to put all cleaning items in a specific place, away from food and out of reach of children...YDI

Teehee, the warning to keep it out of the reach of children is also WRITTEN ON THE CAN, which these morons refuse to read. Maybe they should put the product warnings on the FML site... :p I think this is the only thing they read.

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Wow, this is exactly what "FML" was invented for. Honestly, your life is beyond repair. Suicide might be the only way out of this Wagnerian tragedy.

Exactly. He had to go through the torment of being denied lunch for 10 minutes and possibly having to, horror of horrors, clean the taste of cleaning solution out of his mouth.

Hahaha. You guys are making my day. A Wagner reference in the comments about an illiterate who sprayed his sandwich with Pledge. I love it. Isn't innocence supposed to die and the world turn black now? :p

Who the **** uses aerosol oil or whatever "Pam" is. I supposed that is used only in America and you should describe what "Pam" is. I didn't understand completely this FML until I read the comments. Why buy aerosolized oil or butter or fake butter or whatever that is? Why not the real thing? Why all this fake food mania?

The point of aerosol oil is that you use very very little and it coats the whole pan. That's quite silly though since it's only good for it's non-stick properties - it's not enough oil to actually fly anything. Aince most pans nowadays are Teflon, it's almost the same as cooking without oil at all.

PAM is good for baking, for people who don't want to grease and flour a pan. They spray a little PAM to keep the baked good form sticking in the pan. I can't imagine actually COOKING with the stuff though~it doesn't add anything good to the flavor the way butter or olive oil does, and it seems like a waste, since you'd have to use quite a bit to be able to successfully fry or saute with it.