By Cody - 30/04/2011 06:13 - United States

Today, I got pulled by a cop because I forgot to put my registration sticker on. I get nervous around authority and have nervous shakes. I ripped the registration sticker 3 times trying to put it on. The cop then gave me a ticket for "Improper Equipment". FML
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"with hands that shaky i have an idea on how you can get out of this ticket"

Hmmm, which equipment was he referring to???


Hmmm, which equipment was he referring to???

he was refering to the sticker....dumb ass loljk

Lmao. I was joking, making a side reference to his penis.

I thought penis is referred as tool!

"with hands that shaky i have an idea on how you can get out of this ticket"

There are actually quite a lot of words used to refer to penises.

i think dong is the funniest one

naw it's Wang for sure

i_love_grrr 0

i like trouser snake the best!!! lol

ha trouser snake. ive tripped over my trouser snake a few times. its a third leg for me

I was thinking the same.

he also said "I was pulled by a cop" lol

Any else notice he left out the "over" in "pulled over"? Now it just looks like he was getting "pulled by a cop" who gave him a ticket because he didn't like his "equipment"!! The typo makes it even worse!!

i like "little head" the best

third leg is also one

There's also yogurt slinger and pedro. I prefer mine to be called el presidente

skidoo800HO 2

Why is there a conversation about penis nicknames?

I like shlong too. but brain would also work (If women say men only think with their penis, would she be ofended if I ask her to blow my mind?)

FunwithBumperCar 0

Panini is my favorite that and black mamba

double barreled vagina destroyer. best. ever.

haha those names are funny. and to hold mine in i wear a banana hammock. or ill walk around naked and let my dick and balls do the balls and johnson dance going side to side making a swoosh noise

I know someone named Harry Dong..

I think the Tony Hawk's brother one, Mike Hawk, is the funniest one.

I have shaky hands as well, looks really bad around cops.

ImaWiseGuy 5

woooo sawww motherfucker, woooo sawww.....

YDI for not having it on already!

thts wht I was thinkin

hihi1212 1

me to!

Bellacanfixit 2

You should've had it on already. Although I understand, I get nervous around around cops too.

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You should've just asked if he could do it since you must have been quite obviously shaking

you made my day ! :D

BaskenRobin 2

Those stickers arn't easy to rip if they ar like the ones I have. Must kill the steroid use OP maybe you will stop shaking too.

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You're lucky he didn't holding you in for thinking you're on drugs...

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