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By  jaymers  |  3

you should fight it if it wasn't you. i've had similar things happen before, like getting a ticket for speeding when i wasn't even driving anywhere near where they said i was. someone probably made a mistake.

By  lexi_lu  |  0

yeah usually not one to call these posts fake ( even though im sure some are ) but yeah DUI is like uhh jail time, you wouldnt have a license and the last i checked they dont mail you tickets unless they are for going through red lights that have cameras or going through a toll booth without paying..but hey what do i know, maybe your life just suckss

By  deadheadamerican  |  0

It sounds fishy enough but i know from experience that first time offenders dont serve any time in jail, you can lose your licesense but it's different in every state. Same thing with tickets, its different in every state

By  mfbabyyy  |  0

lol i live in maryland im pretty sure they go insane here over drunk driving, but that totally sucks, try to prove you never were in maryland or something so you dont have to pay that 200 fine.

By  mfbabyyy  |  0

its possible to get the license plate mixed up too right? maybe someone here was close to yours, and thats why they mailed it to you.. referring to the comment above from lexi_lu.