By Brady - 30/04/2013 16:00 - Spain - Madrid

Today, I called a taxi after a night of partying. When it arrived, I realised I had no cash, so I told the driver I'd quickly grab some from an ATM. He made me leave my phone with him as collateral in case I was pulling a prank. He drove off the moment I turned my back. FML
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NickaPLZ 26

Call his dispatch. Get that ass fired. And your phone back.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Why would you give him your phone? Why not just tell him to leave then call another one.


NickaPLZ 26

Call his dispatch. Get that ass fired. And your phone back.

Fuck fired, arrested for theft. Or at least fined.

Roskosity 22

Did you actually ring and have a taxi delivered or did you just grab a random one off the street. Those can be fake and dangerous.

It says he called the taxi

Well, OP can't exactly call him now, can they?

SomeDeadRabbits 8

Yeah, with what fucking phone?

46, he could use a friend's phone. He could also use a pay phone.

@56 if he had a friend with him then he could have borrowed money or had him stay in the taxi. Also where do you find pay phones nowadays?

NickaPLZ 26

@36/@46 - Just because OP's phone was taken by the cabbie doesn't make it the only phone in town. All they had to do was walk into a store and use a landline, or ask a nice passerby to spare a few moments of their time while they make a call or two. And in this day and age, if OP has an iPhone, they can just use the tracking service and find the guy that's got it!

guyverfanboy 16

I would call the taxi company and report what happened, along with a police report.

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

One thing happened like that with my mom. She handed the cabbie the wrong stack, giving about $100 instead of $20. She called but they said there's nothing they could do.

jisaac09 25

The difference is there is no way (usually) to prove ownership of notes. It is easy to prove ownership of cellphones.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Why would you give him your phone? Why not just tell him to leave then call another one.

No she said she just threw it in the back seat because she expected to go back in after leaving to go to the atm.

No he didn't. He was made to give the phone to the driver as a safeguard. Unless you're referring to a different FML...

I an a cabbie, and this is a common thing we do when people say that they needed to go to an ATM, especially when the ATM is near other bars or other places of business. Though the cabbie in the Fml was a dick for running off with the OPs phone, alot of people will find just about anyway they can to either not pay their fare or get a reduced rate.

Get that son of a beach fired

How did that sting feel sir?

He is a taxi driver in a populated city what did you expect?

You know, courtesy?

You must be from a small city

Zimmington 21

67- *learned. Not learnt, since enjoy perfect English so much.

bfsd42 20

Learnt is English. Learned is American.

I hope you got the plate. If not, find their site and give them a ring or wright an angry email. Hell get what's coming to him, don't worry. Karmas a bitch.

#7- Yeah, nothing's worse than a nasty email!! I'm sure after OP did that, the cabbie would never try to pull anything like that again!!!

Karma is only a bitch if you are ;)

ThePsyche 9

Did you at least get the taxi-cab number? Call the cops and report him, this is so many kinds of illegal.

you sir, are not very bright

ThePsyche 9

You, sir, are not very nice.

Well the good news is that op obviously has a computer or some other mobile to post this fml from so he's clearly not totally fucked

"Well, they stole $300 from his wallet, but he still has money at home, so clearly there's no problem!"