Corolla Conspiracy

By Anonymous - 30/07/2017 00:30

Today, I was talking to one of the advisors at my job about how almost everyone in the workplace who owns a Toyota has strangely been in some sort of car accident in the last year. I happen to have a Toyota. Guess who was rear-ended at an intersection after leaving work. FML
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K3719er 9

Must be a glitch in the Matrix.....

That's actually a good one, double-meanings and all. Subtle.

Your job has some sort of Toyota curse linked to it!

In Detroit, you can’t af-Ford to have a foreign car, if you know what I mean;)

I hope at least one of the crashed cars was a Prius...

Lol. You have a vendetta against prius'? ?

Doesn't everyone? Prius drivers never take advantage of their great speed and gas milage, which is why certain members of my family (my dad) hates Prius drivers. Also, too many of them cut you off and go 20 mph. Lol

I also have a Toyota. I think they have curses. Something happens to my Toyota annually. One month after buying car (new), someone rear ended it causing $17k in damages. Year after that, hail damage. This year, ran into an 18-wheeler tire on a pitch black highway entrance ramp while checking blind spot.

countryb_cth 38

Then why do you keep buying Toyota vehicles?

missessanders7805 2

Actually, I believe he or she is saying that something happens every year to the same Toyota... not multiple Toyota vehicles.

I just totaled my Toyota a few days ago... you've brought the curse to this app! What have you done!

Plot twist, the advisor you talked to thought "thanks for reminding me" and was the one who rear ended you. FYL OP.