By Chuffberry - 16/02/2013 08:47 - United States - Fort Collins

Today, I moved in with my new dorm mate. I'm prone to very frequent panic attacks that can only be alleviated by cold air. My roommate is severely anemic, and has violent shivering fits when the temperature is below 80. No matter what, one of us is always shaking uncontrollably. FML
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OP here. on the preference sheet for the dorm rooms, i put that i have anxiety attacks, and my roommate put that they have anemia, but they don't sort you on your illnesses, they sort you on personality. Other than the temperature thing, we get along great.

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Cab you get a portable fan or air conditioner for your room?

nadnerbz 6

So your roommate has violent fits when the temperature is below 80, and yet he/she goes to school in Colorado? Makes sense


Cab you get a portable fan or air conditioner for your room?

Or they could request a different dorm situation from the school

420Zombie 17

get one of those 2-in-1 automatic fan and mist bottles

Actually, the person who is anemic can put more clothing on or get a heated blanket. My core temp is 96.7, on average. Which means I'm always cold. I wear extra layers and even keep a blanket in my vehicle because I'm not going to heat up a place while everyone else is freezing. I've had this my entire life and not once have I made anyone suffer from it. And I'm so anemic, for years I had to get iron pumped into my veins 3 times a week. Now it is just weekly and at my own home during my pregnancy.

Also, to the Original Poster, try suggesting that your dorm mate get a heating blanket. If the person objects, you can get one for really cheap online since Spring items are in the stores now. Good luck! It's impossible to ask someone to live in 80 degree weather at all times; please keep that in mind.

FYL. At least anemia can be fixed with supplements and dietary adjustments. Run outside if you feel an anxiety attack coming on?

43 - What about face and hands? I have sever anemia as well and find my fingers are often purple. Wearing gloves 24/7 isn't really realistic. 72 - Some types of anemia aren't helped at all by supplements. I know no supplements I've ever been given have made a lick of difference. Anxiety and panic disorders can respond to supplements and meds as well. Perhaps OP should spend some time looking into those.

@88 The medicine for panic disorders is highly addictive, and has many bad side effects . For many people the benefits are not worth the risk. I have panic attacks, as well as severe anemia ( I suffer from dizzy spells and frequent blackout due to frequent blood loss, during menstrual cycles. ) Asking people to take risky costly medications is different than asking someone to put on a jumper if cold. I will get off my soapbox now.

well, i have really severe anxiety attacks where it doesnt just effect my mood and my mentallity, it effects me physically so i also need the glycine to calm my body down too.. but smoking also helps too..

88, a heated blanket. even just sitting on it, warms up the entire body. Panic disorders require medications that knock people out and make them unable to focus. A heated blanket is so much better for the anemic person before a person with panic disorders being knocked out, not thinking clearly, and unable to function. Why is the anemic person throwing fits anyways? She needs to grow up and learn to compromise.

Stand in front if freezer or run cold shower

That way maybe the cold air can blow only towards you...

The air wouldn't be very cold anyway if the room was 80 degrees.

He was the first comment as well and was continuing that comment.

Do the Harlem Shake!

siickman 7

This is probably one of the more serious FML's on here, so lets not make fun of the disorder with the biggest thing taking over youtube at the moment.

There are much more serious and somber FMLs than this one. I find this particular FML quite amusing.

Destined Dorm mates!

RvidxrKlvn 8

We're not a bootleg WebMD site, therefore we're not required to give OP medical advice. @18

BellaBelle_fml 23

18- I didn't really see that as making fun of the OP or their room mate's mental and physical health. As another commenter has already stated, we are not required, or qualified, except for DocBastard of course, to give anyone medical advice. And sometimes lightly joking and having a good laugh really does go a long way in helping anybody's morale, and even sometimes their health, improve even if its just a minor improvement, it's still an improvement. As long as the joking remains friendly and well meaning rather than being malicious. And their comment was not malicious in any way. Just try to lighten up a little, have a bit of fun, laugh at yourself sometimes, and enjoy your life.

If OP didn't think their situation was a little funny, they probably wouldn't have posted it on FML.

You can switch every other hour?

That would be hard when they are sleeping

Not if they have separate rooms…

All the dorms i know of are just one room

even bedrooms?

nadnerbz 6

So your roommate has violent fits when the temperature is below 80, and yet he/she goes to school in Colorado? Makes sense

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe that's where they live and can only afford instate tuition

OP here. yeah, that's the situation. my roommate can only get financial aid in colorado.

OP, I am so happy that you replied to someone. Honestly, ask her to get a heated blanket and/or wear more layers. You could even find one for cheap online. Best of luck to you!

perdix 29

Both of you need girlfriends. The one not having sex gets to control the thermostat, while the other one thrills their girl into heaven ;)

They don't really seem like the most eligible bachelors in all honesty, but hookers maybe...

How do you know they aren't eligible? You dont know what they look like or their personalities...

perdix 29

#12, I dunno, sounds like a marketing challenge. If they could re-frame their maladies as being like a "whole-body vibrator," they could become very popular.

Perdix, your optimism is scaring me. Please stop (enter sarcasm here since many people can't sense it on this site)! If this actually worked, it sounds like a movie that will be played on HBO during late night haha

snufflelump 12

This is a good reason for you to both request new roommates. Or else you may have to invest in a tent and sleep outside for a while...

OP why don't you actually try to help yourself with your anxiety. It is all in your head that you think that cool air helps you. Speak to a therapist or at the very least get a cbt self-help book for anxiety. On another note, why do you actually share dorm rooms in America. Given what you pay to go to uni why do you not have single ensuite rooms. We get free education in Scotland and we still have these. Seems a little backward to me.

If that's true of your roommate, why the hell are they in Colorado? Anyway, get a room change. That's not gonna work out.

I've been anemic since I was 14 and I live in Quebec. If I moved to the States I'd be dead. Couldn't afford the medical care. I manage to get around this by having warm boots, bundling up in the winter, and sleeping with an electric blanket. Also, keeping a couple of those handwarmers in my purse for an emergency has saved my life before. However, I also have severe anxiety. Cold has never helped it, but either Valium or Ativan certainly does.

Cool story bro, tell it again

Knightchaser27 25

Maybe the roommate can not afford to pay out of state tuition fees

There's also that. Not to mention, would YOU want to move to a different place, away from all of your family and friends, just because you get cold? Most of the time, you're indoors, where it should be fairly warm.

I understand the tuition aspect but besides that, lots of people do go out of state (or country) for college. If anything under 80 degrees made me feel like crap, I would go somewhere warm for school.

Maybe invest in a good fan? He can buy you a fan and you can buy him a good sweater

He can get a space heater and you can get a fan. Or change rooms.