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  tjv3  |  10

Well sorry OP . I think that this might be a good relationship to get out of. Also in the divorce ask for half of all his collection and sell it or make a video of you burning it

  CTMPandemonium  |  16

#58 No. Actually, It's until a child is 18 years of age (or respective countries age of majority), or until the parent with custody re-marrys. That is the usual outcome. How much is determined by cost of living and yearly gross pay for the non custodial parent. The custodial parents wages are not usually taken into consideration when deciding on alimony or the $$ amount.

By  jackiemora  |  18

"In Pokemon, the creatures fight much like we do... And that's why we should divorce" that could have been the conversation? OP might be at fault. Anyone referencing Pokemon is pretty awesome.