By PokeWife - 06/02/2013 13:38 - United States - Omaha

Today, my husband started a conversation with, "In Pokémon" and ended the same conversation with "and that's why we should divorce." FML
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farewellthebeast 8

Wife uses pre-nup... It's super effective.

ewmoldycheese 14

Husband fled.


farewellthebeast 8

Wife uses pre-nup... It's super effective.

Steve95401 49

It's too late for a pre-nupital agreement since they're already married.

farewellthebeast 8

Good point thanks for the correction betting she wish would of had one though with fine print about no use of escape ropes.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Elin used Pre-Nup Power-up!

tjv3 10

Well sorry OP . I think that this might be a good relationship to get out of. Also in the divorce ask for half of all his collection and sell it or make a video of you burning it

He sounds mature.

Maybe his wife didn't touch his pokeballs often enough

Maybe she didn't like the fact they weren't greatballs.

wlddog 14

Or attached

dorworters 9

you mean he sounds AWESOME

ewmoldycheese 14

Husband fled.

LMAO!!! That's violation

Husband uses divorce, its super effective!

I guess she just wasn't his...type.

Super effective if he intended to pay alimony the rest of his life.

RedPillSucks 31

I think you only pay alimony if the spouse doesn't work or there's a huge difference in salary.

8- First comment I have ever laughed at on here.

#58 No. Actually, It's until a child is 18 years of age (or respective countries age of majority), or until the parent with custody re-marrys. That is the usual outcome. How much is determined by cost of living and yearly gross pay for the non custodial parent. The custodial parents wages are not usually taken into consideration when deciding on alimony or the $$ amount.

perdix 29

He's cheating with Pikachu!

booklover428 19

Or maybe Jiggly Puff!

No, it's obviously Jynx. Have you seen those lips?

But have you even seen Lickitung's tongue?!

He won't Beedrill-in' her any longer, he's found other women to Harden and Pound til her Squirt-les all over them.

Abra kadabra ala-divorce, machamp, Weedle hope it works out, cause it sounds like you're really Saffron right now.

Perdix would that be considered beastility?

In Pokemon, this would never happen.

that's not the point my man, you just don't get it.. and that's why we should divorce. •____•


Is your husband's name Brock?

-_- No, This is Brock, right here.

No, this is Patrick!

Shadow_Phantom 26

Well, if you don't like Pokémon, I can see why...

Wiringify 22

"In Pokemon (...) but you don't like Pokemon, and that's why we should divorce"

Seems legit 49 lol

"In Pokemon, the creatures fight much like we do... And that's why we should divorce" that could have been the conversation? OP might be at fault. Anyone referencing Pokemon is pretty awesome.

Harshdfml 14

If it gets too serious, throw a pokéball at him yelling, 'I choose you divorce lawyer'.

LiterOfCola 16

You should've used a master ball if you didn't want him to escape...