By unfriendlyskies - 02/04/2012 23:40 - United States - Central Falls

Today, I called an airline's customer service line. Apparently the way that they deal with uncommon problems is by having someone put you on hold for twenty minutes, answer and yell something unintelligible at you, put you back on hold, and repeat. This went on for over an hour. FML
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call customer service and file a complaint. oh wait...

You said that to the OP who had the stutter too. Y U CHEATING?!


I would hang up and call again hoping it wouldn't happen again.

I knew a guy who just refused to take people off hold because he thought it was funny. Then he got fired.

Call their customer service just to complain about their customer service.

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Call back and yell something unintelligible then when they put u on hold everytime they answer tell them ur problem then yell some thin unintelligible again

Unless you had the hiccups, I don't see how yelling at you would help solve any of your problems...

Did they strap the phone to your eat? YDI for listening for an hour.

Most companies do that too. I just hate listening to the machine can't we just talk to a real person already.

You deserve it for being a whiney little bitch.

Don't fly with JetBlue then. But seriously, FYL.

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JetBlue is getting burned this year.