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Today, my roommate informed me that one of her scorpions is loose in our apartment again. Great. FML
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Calen5556 0

In Texas we have those all the time. Had one in my bathroom this morning.

Ferretface 13

40- I'm closer to the appetizer portion of Texas myself.


Calen5556 0

In Texas we have those all the time. Had one in my bathroom this morning.

Ya we do I've found like 15 already...

cradle6 13

I've lived in Texas for 15 years and I've never seen a live one.

Calen5556 0

I live in the country in south texas. I've seen at least 50.

doctor_awesome 8

I live in Texas and got stung by one last year. We have them. -_- And they're bitches.

Yea same in AZ, I kill a couple every week, just like polar bears...

I remember going to the bathroom when I was little and seeing one in the bathtub at least once a month.

You must live in the dessert part of Texas.

Ferretface 13

40- I'm closer to the appetizer portion of Texas myself.

Scorpion? Im from wisconsin. That word confuses us. Damn texans. (I KID)

I'm Texan myself, yet, so many texans on this site!!! Everyone stereotypes Texas on FML.

cloverpi314 4

there seriously is sooo many.

Time for the black light test!! Hopefully the scorpion is the first thing you find. -_-

Geez... I know exactly how you guys feel. Here in Australia, the average person finds a kangaroo chilling in the bath tub a few times a month.

Ummm in atlantic canada where im from we got a skunk problem XD and foxes but yea thats about it maybe coyotes no bears where i live but bobcats and lynx

Oh no! Hope it doesn't poke around in your stuff.

Eggers 2

yeah because you never want a scorpion to find out about your **** collection [/sarcasm]

"Stuff" could be a euphemism for "genitalia," and in that case their comment makes perfect sense :O

SpaceMan55 1

I hope u sleep with one eye open

He'd sleep with two, if it weren't for the stinger.

Bea_FaCurtains 17

Again?? Shouldn't this problem have been prevented from happening after the first time?

My mom had a big snail that would escape from the fish tank in her classroom, she would come in, in the morning and find it on the other side of her class everyday. His name was Gary the snail. He was a boss.

If I were you, I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight...

cndt 0

Actually they are all poisonous the younger ones are just more dangerous because they don't know how to control how much poison they release

cndt 0

Sorry I'm new to this that comment was meant for that1guyyy

Why would you allow your roommate to bring her scropions

people keep scorpions as pet's, sad but true...

Just step on it. I know it sounds mean but it'll teach your roommate to be more careful with their pets.

marpay 11

Did they say barefoot? No, so stepping on one in full cover shoes would be a good idea.

Of course I meant with boots on. But usually pet scorpions aren't very poisonous. Someone who lets their pet repeatedly escape obviously shouldn't have it in the first place. Scorpions aren't that hard to keep in a cage.

Charge it rent. Especially if it is using your wifi connection.

Those scorpions are pretty damn sneaky, you wouldn't know when or how it gets the wifi access!