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Today, I found out that my boyfriend is a Mormon, when his mother greeted me saying how happy she was her son had found himself a Mormon girlfriend. I know nothing about Mormonism, except from what I've seen on South Park, and I'm an atheist. FML
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  josiefay  |  0

Why all the thumbs down? He's not screaming convert. There's nothing wrong with getting educated on intimate details and beliefs of your significant other so you can understand and support them better.

  mickypequi  |  13

39 is right. Joining the church is the OPs decision but first she needs to learn from a reliable source. If anything, there'll be one less person in the world to talk crap about us without knowing or understanding anything.

By  jarednt39  |  5

Well I'm sorry to hear about you being atheist , Jesus just happened to defeat every religion and if y'all want to know why just ask and I'll try and explain.

  newmandotcom  |  6

Blacks have always been able to get into heaven. They just haven't always been able to attain both priesthood. Not until the late 1970's were they able to attain both priesthood.

  TheMaster15  |  10

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  lelandw7393  |  3

Mormons don't practice polygamy... Flds the fundamentalists do ... But the church does not consider the fundamentalists to be members.... Like every church denomination that has ever came to be broke off from another religion because people have there own ideas about what the truth is...OP ask him about it... Or go to a Mormon ran websites ... Not some Mormon hater website with all it's lies and misconceptions

  docscientist  |  9

Mormons believe those who were neutral in the war between heaven and hell, were this cursed by God with dark skin. They also believe Joseph Smith found golden tablets that had the real bible verses, but nobody ever saw them. It included polygamy. Sure is a brilliant way to get people to do your following than claim its from god.

Religion, yeah!
There are other branches like the LDS, but still follow a belief system made up by a very successful fraud.