By whyyyyyme - 04/08/2015 01:43 - Canada

Today, I also needed to add, "Does not currently live in a psychiatric hospital, after being declared 'Not criminally responsible for a crime'" to my list of qualities that I want in a man. FML
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Another impossible standard for men

Men just don't have a chance these days.


Rock bottom is near

people attract what they want in life... if you want a prince, act like a princess.

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Waiting for someone to chime in with "You don't know the circumstances give him a chance!". Lots of people would benefit from a second chance, however it's up to the person if they are willing to invite that risk into their lives. Not everyone admitted to a psych ward or jail is there cause they did something horrific, but you gotta weigh the risks involved in cases like this you can judge it's to keep you safe.

This guy committed a crime is in a psych hospital because he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Granted, the crime may not be chopping his whole family into pieces, but does it really matter? I'd say this is a pretty legit reason to not date someone.

Ill people also need love... I was in a psychic hospital while dating my boyfriend and we were a happy couple nontheless. Of course it's up to everyone to decide if they can cope with dating somebody with a mental illness and also depends on the form and severity of the disease, but just because somebody is in a psychic hospital doesn't make them a worse person or less-deserving of love.

I'm glad that worked out for you. a news story in AZ right now is about two former people who mental in a mental hospital. They got married I believe. Long story short, the husband decapitated the woman and mutilated her 2 dogs. He then chopped his one arm off and gauged his own eye out. I am glad yours worked out better though...

*psychiatric I don't believe you can tell the future. ;)

16- I'd say it also depends on the severity of the crime he's committed. He's not just in there because he's ill, but also because he's committed a crime.

Sorry, was half asleep while commenting. Of course I mean psychiatric! And I must've gotten the FML wrong, I thought OP was talking about two men. I did not commit a crime that got me there, just Depression and such stuff. Sorry for the confusion!

At least you found out early

Being declared "not guilty by reason of insanity" is not the same as innocent.

I would say those standards are somewhat necessary...happy hunting OP

therealjc_fml 14

So your saying there's a chance.

Your being way to picky. Your never going to find Mr. Right with such high standards.