By rmonk - United States - Naperville
Today, I went to my required district science fair with my project about gliders and was a bit unprepared in terms of personal knowledge on the science behind gliders. I was hoping I would get a judge who didn't know a lot about aerodynamics. One of my judges was a glider pilot. FML
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By  isnobodyhere  |  32

Maybe next time you'll do a topic you actually are knowledgeable about

By  Tripartita  |  44

Well, OP, you only have one option: make things up. "The properties of aerodynamics are largely determined by the material in motion and the number of propulsion elves in the air. Propulsion elves have a fear of air, so the thinner the atmosphere, the more elves there will be, and the less air drag the moving object will experience. At certain speeds, the elves can push an object no faster, and we call this terminelf velocity."