By meglast - 29/08/2016 16:48 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I was motivated enough to run on the treadmill for the first time in a long time. The movement knocked my downstairs neighbor's ceiling fan down. FML
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OP here. It was inconsiderate of me to use the treadmill in an upstairs apartment. Mine isn't very loud and I know the neighbor wasn't asleep, but I still should have thought of the noise. I was very embarrassed, but it is being taken care of and they weren't upset. They just asked me to move the treadmill to another room. I am a small woman-114lbs- I just thought it was funny imagining that I made the whole building shake.

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I'm sure your downstairs neighbors aren't fans of your new exercising.

I'm glad you agree that it may be a tad noisy, as opposed to the people saying "don't want to live below stomping, buy a house!" It would definitely shock me if I caused the building to break too!


I'm sure your downstairs neighbors aren't fans of your new exercising.

This is why I will never live below someone again. Upstairs neighbors (like yourself) are rude and selfish. Go to a gym. No one below you wants to hear that amount of noise during their day.

You're making a lot of assumptions here..

Who says the neighbors were even home at the time? I'm assuming OP would have heard the crash, but may not have known what it was until later.

how is op being selfish? she has the option to workout in the comfort of her home and for free!, it's better then paying for a gym.


When you live in an apartment you can't just do whatever you want. You have to remain respectful of others that are being forced to live next to you. In my building you can hear everything in the hallway, so when college kids are basically screaming at one another because they are drunk, or when people just let the front door close itself and it slams shut, that annoys everyone in the building. If your dog is a Barker and you dont control it, you're an asshole and I guarantee people hate you. As for exercising, most apartments offer a gym for their tenants, but having someone underneath you and choosing to run on a treadmill anyways is a bit rude, unless you take precautions, like making sure they don't work nights and therefore are trying to sleep during your running time, put a rug under the treadmill so it doesn't echo so much, etc. I know it sucks not being able to do whatever you want, especially when you are paying monthly rent to live there. But to be honest there are some things tenants just can't realistically do if they dont live on the first floor. There are weight restrictions for the rooms that the first floor doesn't have, there are respect concerns, activity restrictions, and noise restrictions. So I'd say to either pick up running outside, at a gym in your city, or the free gym your apartment most likely offers. :/ Sorry OP.

They can still do whatever they want, (as long as it follows within the law and their tenant agreement). So if they want to work out and be noisy at lunchtime, that is fine, but at 3am they could be evicted for repeat offences. It kind of sucks for those that work nights, I have some long nights myself sometimes, but it is the law. If you work nights, you should probably consider moving somewhere quieter.

I'd love to know where you get your statistics from about 'most' apartments having a workout facility. I'm an appraiser for residential and commercial properties and its slim to none that the properties we appraise have anything more than laundry.

@14: 'most' apartments? What kind of up-town area do you live in?? I have NEVER seen workout facilities at apartments...

#23, The apartment I live in has a work out space, granted it is a newer building. I really don't see the problem in OP keeping the treadmill, it's better than loud, screaming children running up and down the halls 24/7.

A treadmill in an apartment?! I'm surprised that's even allowed, as loud as some of them can be.

That fan sounded unstable from the start, it was bound to fall sooner or later.

Well... at least you tried to do something good for your health. It might be better to go to a gym, though.

Their fan must have been really old, not installed correctly or the ceiling wasn't of a very resistant material if the movement of someone running on a treadmill Is enough to knock it down.

Not your fault the place isn't built well!