By FUCK - 22/07/2013 18:29 - United States - Chicago

Today, I won an award for Employee of the Month. Shocked, I asked my boss if he'd gotten my name mixed up or something. He had. FML
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If she "let it be" there would be no FML, and we would have to wait until her boss gives her a raise and she confronts her boss claiming that someone else shuold have it instead. But still, we get your point....

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Hence why I said she should have let it be... The whole point is to avoid things in your everyday life that can be considered making your life fuckworthy.

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So it's true then - there is such an award ; I thought it was make-believe

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OP's company probably got the idea from Spongebob.

#44, you must not be a very good employee.

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#24 you're a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington

I can imagine that the boss told her in person, not knowing any of the staff. She gets excited and asks "for real?" the rest should be obvious.

27- Mistakes happen. Especially in large employee databases.

This is what you should always do in situations like this... *Poker Face* "Ok"

I want to say You Deserve It, but clearly you don't.

And why did I get downvoted? Because the way I see it, if the boss can screw up and get the names wrong, he probably don't know his staff too well...

You should have more confidence in yourself!

Never question an award! Just accept it

Next time don't question it & let it be

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that sucks big time, but you deserved it for asking....

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It's his mistake, you should get employee of the month.

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Your boss revoked your status because of your lack of confidence.