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Today, at work I had to convince an 80 year-old mental patient that she's not Ke$ha and that she really has to put her clothes back on. FML
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wake up in the morning feeling like Larry king...

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I would have gotten her mic and asked her to sing for me :D

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This place about to blow! Anyways, she may not sing well but she has hit after hit.

Wow #222 I wish I were you, you are so smart( ummm...that would be sarcasm)

Well let's not confuse people :o Spelled when talking in past tense is correct, and my english teacher drilled that stuff into our heads. She said spelt isn't even a word though, so now I don't even know. They are both acceptable I guess.

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how do we know for certain it's not Ke$ha? just sayin (:

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#22, he left out a LETTER. My god everyone understood what he meant.

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Why is everyone so worried about spelling!? Wow people misspell words all the time we're only human! Watch I'll demonstrate... Hony whre is da pikls?!?! That is what I think of English!

Yeah, he obviously forgot a letter. And, you can criticize the lack of punctuation, or the "lol", or just the stupid first post. but not a forgotten letter, damn it' ( and i'm french, idc if I don't speak a good English!)

Guys, he left out a letter which changed the entire meaning of the word. Typing cloths instead of clothes is a little different. That said, idiot up there should learn how to spell. Period.

wow it's 1 letter mabe he wuz tryin 2 make it shorter I do tht all the time...c..

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127, shorter? You're an idiot. I don't care about capitalisation and all that but at least spell correctly. English isn't my first language and it takes me longer to read something when some bloody idiot goes around knocking off letters to make it 'shorter'.

well, just maybe #1 was referring to the rap group clipse's clothing line, "play cloths," which was spelled so intentionally. but the probability of that being true is about 0.000000000001%. |the kid|

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Funny part is she probably sings better..

No... I don't think its misspelled. I am pretty sure "*****" is spelled with a "c" and not a "k".

Damn forigners(sorry dont really mean to insult) this is a website where people can chat, people chat with abr. duh itz calld txt language. more people type like that on a casual website so deal with it u spelling freaks, its like making a 5 hour arguement to your wife about the way "cat" is spelled with a c and that C's have no point in the language. its pointless and will just get people irritated and nobodies gonna change anyting. DUH OMG LOL U R A BBQ TXT STFU ROTFLMAO TEEHEE ABR.

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170, 161 got moderated for a reason. TXT language is forbidden on this website.

22 is a ****** ass kid who needs to find a hobby.

22, go do something with your life..

obviously different countries have different ways of spelling things.. because i use 'spelt' as a past tense of spell.. hmmm oh i'm from Australia :D

seriously y'all need to take out that stick up your ass. and put it in mine.

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he was just pointing out the fact that he was missing a letter. why? because cloths and clothes are to different things as stated in a comment some where above. yes, I admit that it was retarded of him to correct the spelling because of a missing letter, but when it changes the whole meaning, well, i guess that is necessary.

omg stfu you guys need to chill with this spelling shit at least he's not typing LyKe DizZ!!!! A mistakes a mistake and if he doesn't know how to spell clothes deal with it your not gonna die!!!>.<"

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you people really need to go get a life and stop fighting over something that cant be solved! Especially since this is the web, please stop making yourself look stupid. Realize nobody gives a shit & move on!

wow...get over it #22...he leaves out a ltter (oups, where's the e? Shocking, it happens all th tim!) and you start calling him jackass and overreact like hell...are you just choleric, one of teh people who punch the shit out of people who look at their girlfriend? If that's all you worry about, you're pretty lame and I bet my grammar/spelling/the words I used drive you insane right now. And I enjoy it^^ For OP: I'm sorry but you're probably used to that, if it's your work (still probably a picture that is hard to erase^^)

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Mmmm....mamamiaaa, you're getting interesting. And KaySL, I still love you.

#127. its just one letter? correct me if I'm wrong but isn't 'mabe' one letter off of Maybe? Have the people of the world/Web become so lazy that they have to make their words shorter. 'c' are you to lazy to type 3 letters. 'see' 'wuz' same amount of letters as 'Was' but people think that adding Z where a S is suppose to be will make you 'cool' it doesn't it makes you look ignorant. C I'm wayz cooler than allz of uz.

281 you like Justin bieber... your point is invalid

280- I thought I already was. whaddya gotta do 'round here to be 'interesting'?

Becuz its inglish evrywon. its just somehow speld rong (or rite). arghument over.

Sorry mama, I don't think I ever noticed your existence until now. But I'm happy we've met.

will you shut up?!? u knew what he meant

97 quit being a jackass nobodys on here to learn how to spell

Man, all of you are psycho for going on and on and on about something that isn't even related to the FML. Who gives a shit if he forgot one damn letter he was probably typing fast and did that by accident! Jesus Christ all of you need to get laid or something.

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this chain of comments made me roflmao. seriously... wow to all of you. I applaud all of you for making me feel better today. thank you. hahaha

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110..everyone understood that "cloths" meant "clothes". ******* retard.

Everyone shut the **** up. Okay, #1 spelt (and I mean spelt) a word wrong. Let's stop criticising him. Shit happens. Although some of the arguments are quite funny...

22, Cloths can be used as an alternative, just like Color / Colour and Favor / Favour.

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309 - While they may have understood, many people also had to do a double-take to understand what he really meant. It's not hard to type ONE extra letter. Does any of this make me a ******* retard? NO. I was just pointing it out. Go back and read ohthebloodygore's comment, below mine. Asshole.

283, bahahahahahaha it's so true, anyone who likes Justin Bieber should never have a say in society.

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Uh oh. Youmad? Given the context of the FML clearly everyone knew he meant clothes other than one person. Now if someone "tAlKeD lyke dis den I culd undrstnd yr prublum" I don't really see how you would have to do a double take when the whole fml had to do with an old man not wearing CLOTHS. Oops I mean CLOTHES, sorry.

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I coulda swore I said somethin in this thread but now there's too many comments here and it's making me confused

#25 is a homunculus everyone watch out! OP I had to say I agree. :(

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Hmm, not really sure why my comment was deleted. Anyways, 324 - I really don't see how anyone would need to do a double take. The context of this FML has to do with a woman refusing to put her clothes on. One letter shouldn't make it difficult for most, and honestly, the person below your original post seems to be the only one who had trouble; everyone else understood.

Well. She might have been ke$ha. Actually she probably was.

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I think you should let her leave her clothes off. I mean why not?

- someone likes 8O year old nakie people.

who doesnt love an 80 year old naked person? mmm wrinkles

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I prefer 90 year old naked people, but I'll settle for 80. Though 100 year olds are the best, but they keep dying.

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I'd do some dirty things to a 80 year old ;)

They're 80 they do dirty things to themselves without your help bro

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maybe she has a sick obsession?

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She's also seeing it in her dreams?

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maybe she sees it in her dreams?

ya 52 and56 messed up I'll continue wit it I'm looking down every ally

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Way to go 165 I'm staying up all night hoping...


What you got boy is hard to find. Except you, you're pretty flaccid.

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C-c-c-combo breaker. Ke$ha is awful, seriously. She just looks festy.

because your love your love your love is my drug

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you should have banged her... that's what she wanted

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Ops name is Kim! that's a girl's name, so I'm assuming OPs a girl...

There are these wonderful creatures called lesbians, they are women who bang other women... They were discovered 2 years ago, fascinating.

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Yea it's true I actually saw a special on this the other day on the Discovery Channel. There's also an exhibit at the science museum. Fascinating creatures indeed.

realy? i saw that same frogram on animal planet

pwincess do you have something against lesbian sex??? O_O

pwincessa23 1

I know what lesbians are! I just didn't know a girl could BANG another girl. What is she gonna fo it with? & even if she did I don't think she's allowed to be "banging" them.

Have you heard of scissoring? or sex toys?

so we are all in agreement op should have scissored the **** outta that chick.

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OP could be Korean and that could be a last name.

pwincessa23 1

ok I guess scissoring. but I'm pretty sure op doesn't carry sex toys with her at a job with mental patients.

HEY! thats my grandma were talkin about (:

OP could also be a shemale or a hermaphrodite allowing her to bang her patient.

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Damian honey....u r so Sexi. Well feels better that's off ma chest lol

same here wow this is kinda weird but it's so true

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I think 9 was saying it to himself... then again I kinda agree with that...

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that's the joke retard. people are just so dumb.

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wat u think her picture is fake?

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If i was 80 I'd jump off a building and pull my saggy baggy skin out at the sides and just coast around like a flying squirrel.

ok that was the BEST commit EVER^^^ I loved it I can't stop laughing LOL

Screw you to... Of course the pic is fake, dumbass.

Oh yeah, that's obviously fake lol. Tan body, different colored face.. It's ok though:)

I wish that's how 80 year old women looked like.

uhmm... guys? I think the picture is meant to look fake. just tossing that out there... k bye! *runs back to rock and crawls under it*

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#118 is a win. lol I can't stop laughing

haha awww snap that must NOT have been a pretty sight. u should get a raise. fyl