By Anonymous - 14/08/2014 04:38 - France

Today, I took part in a raffle that was being organised in the small countryside village where I'm vacationing. I live in big city. I won a duck. A real, live duck. FML
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Have you not watched Friends? You'll be fine, just buy a baby chick so it has a friend.

hey, some people didn't even get a duck. be thankful :p


Have you not watched Friends? You'll be fine, just buy a baby chick so it has a friend.

Well, this FML takes place in France, so there's a good chance OP hasn't seen "Friends."

What makes you think people in France won't have seen friends? I don't think you realize how far English (language not country) shiws travel. When I was in France there were loads of french dubbed English shows.

cjwayy 22

#47 I don't think you know what a pun is.

#30 Upvote for double entendre France/friends

Alan, they're mentioned in the last episode when Joey buys a new chick and duck as a housewarming gift for Chandler and Monica. The original chick and duck died.

I said there's a "GOOD CHANCE" OP hasn't seen it, not that there's no possible way OP could have seen it. As someone who watches BBC America, I'm well aware that television shows cross borders, but not everyone is into foreign television. Geez.

cjwayy 22

#56 and you have no idea what a double entendre is.

#68 I do. Just a hint: Interpreting #30's statement as a double entendre would result in an oxymoron.

juturnaamo 29

Friends is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Europe. It usually isn't even dubbed.

Gracehi, I'm French and I can tell you that Friends is very popular in France. It has been on air for around twenty years now. They always rerun it. We watch a lot of American TV shows.

I did not know that "Friends" was so popular in France. American television networks tend to reproduce foreign television shows with an American cast. I don't know why they do that because the original is always vastly superior. Hence the epic failure that was the American "Coupling." Good to know that France seems to know better than to do that.

Most US remakes of UK tv shows are horrible. Life on Mars and Skins (US) are two great examples. But every so often the American version is pure brilliance and so much better than the UK version. Shameless (US) is the example I hold up for that one. William H. Macy for the win!

Well, some French TV shows try to copy American shows as well, and the result is pretty horrific. For the US/UK thing, it depends. The American version of the Inbetweeners was bad, but I prefer the American version of the Office for example.

I have to agree with you, there, 90, about "The Office." It's the only example I know of in which an American version of a British television show actually improved upon the original.

I'd also like to point out OP is on vacation. OP may not even be from France. Where the situation takes place and whether or not the people there would understand the reference is kind of irrelevant, as long as OP understands.

kristabelli 19

78 I don't see a pun, double entendre, or oxymoron. Explain, please. (Are you sure you know what these things are?)

You guys realize that every FML posted from mobile says that they are from France right?

Llama_Face89 33

68- apparently neither do you..

14awaremantella 6

Yes. Thank god the first comment was in reference to Friends. Faith in humanity restored.

101, I'd imagine if OP were from the U.S. or somewhere else other than France he'd complain of taking it with him on the plane / train / ferry / long car ride / whatever and then having to go through whatever process his home country requires to bring in a foreign animal. I could be wrong, but that's what I would complain about. 104, That's absolutely not true at all. I had an FML published from my mobile phone, and it showed my location as the US. I don't know where you got that idea.

A while ago, FMLs submitted from mobile used to show France as the location.

knoxxx 22

American shows are aired in a lot of different countries, not just France. And a lot of non-American children learn American English this way.

131 - Because then the FML staff would frequently be downvoted as well. I don't mean that as an insult to the FML staff, but there are those insufferable children on this site who can't handle being subjected to what the staff has to say, particularly when they have to enforce rules.

Thumbs are meaningless. My ego is self-sustaining, eco-friendly, and hates the words "upvote" and "downvote". I'm not sure about the others, but after reading some people's plus-rated comments on here, getting thumbed up would deeply disturb me.

I'd definitely agree with you that thumbs are meaningless. I, myself, do not require the consolation of knowing that the FML community approves of my comment. I just speak my mind, and I don't fuss over people who think their thumbs are weapons. But then again, some people, particularly the insufferable children I mentioned earlier, see things differently.

Yes. Skins was amazing for the first two, maybe three series. But the American remake was horrible.

@cjwayy Why do you keep telling people they don't know what stuff is? I don't think YOU know YOUR shit... stop correcting people and get it together!

Actually I've read the same FML in the French FML version (VDM) a few days ago. So I think the author IS French.

Good Lord, what terrible thread did I start?! I'd like to verify that I was joking.

Oh my god I read your comment and I'm just like YEEESSSS SHAMELESS!!!!

pwnman 33

Or Naked. So, when OP wants to go being the duck to friends, s/he will be able to say "I gotta go get naked". Anyway OP, be happy! I love ducks!

150493x 29

You both ruined it #81 & #159.

hey, some people didn't even get a duck. be thankful :p

Kyle1dc 17

I for one would love to have a duck...

Sorry, I'm completely out of ducks to give.

simplysarcastics 26

Right? I see nothing but good in this!

Llama_Face89 33

They're delicious creatures. XD

afkwarrior 25

Before you go back, quickly hold a raffle where the duck is the prize. Profit.

I bet that's how this last raffle came about.

It's fine! Just change your name to Chandler, find a friend named Joey, rent an appartment beside Central Park, buy a chick and let the duck and chicken get sick all over the appartment, eat your friend's face cream and bathe in the bath. It's all cool!

zevo1415 10

The show is like 20 years old. Relax lol

Just teach it how to use the subway and he'll be fine ;)

mrwilsong 6

Wow then the fml will be for the duck. Duck his life

...So why did you enter in the first place?

Naaa, I think op secretly wanted to win the duck so they could submit this FML.

Why is this an FML? I'd love to have a duck!