By cmck932012 - United States - Tyrone


Today, at a job interview, my interviewer bent forward and I admired his ass. When he turned, I couldn't tell if he caught me or not. At the end of the interview he shook my hand in congratulations of getting the job, then said, "Yes, I do work out." I have to see him every day now. FML
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By  Dadothy  |  8

Well you got the job so he obviously wasn't upset about it. Sounds like he has a sense of humor and since he didn't get mad about it you should be glad.

  astoryofroses  |  9

when he walks in the spot, this is what he sees: OP's sitting there and she's staring at him. he's got passion in his pants and he ain't afraid to show it show it show it show it, he's sexy and OP knows it ;)

  sirpantselot  |  22

Actually 44 is right - OP could be a guy, we never find out. No reason a straight guy wouldn't admire the boss's arse if it was as toned as the FML leads us to believe...

  SpicyDuck  |  22

Exactly! How is this even an FML, you got a nice view AND a job! And potentially some good promotions from your boss with the nice ass. If you know what I mean.

  blueroses2010  |  6

Agreed #7! I'm not quite sure how this is even an FML? You're employed, the interviewer noticed you checking him out and still hired you...who knows, if you're both single and it's not against company policy, you might get a job an a relationship out of it :) Think positive OP

  crazy4uboi  |  6

That's going to be an interesting dinner conversation "um... Well you see... What happened was..."
"you're mom was checking out my ass" lol