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Today, as I couldn't get the airplane seat buckle to buckle, I faced the fact that I've been in denial about how fat I have become. The people in my row faced it too as I began to sob uncontrollably. FML
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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Dust yourself off, and create a gameplan to shed some lbs.

dude that's your own damn fault. if you're unhappy with your body, go on a diet.



awe!?!!?? Really that person is at least 350+ if they cannot buckle their seat belt. fat people should go to africa to feed all of those hungry lions, and others. lets hope people tell the op how fat they are and not console them. its their damn fault.

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wow 46, youre an ass. it might not be the op's fault at all that they got a bit 'curvy/ a bit chunky'

I'm not even fat, but half the skinny people who harp on twinkles and fat people probably don't even watch what they eat. I'm 6'2 and have a few extra pounds, but I'm content with it because my over all build wears it well and just have to really watch what I eat to avoid getting bigger. On the flip side, I have a few friends who eat more unhealthily and more often than everyone else. One in particular will come home from his PT job and eat a whole box of fruit rollups and play video games. they are both maybe a 120lbs and bony as skeletons. Some people are just really blessed with better genetics and metabolisms than others.

I'm on 46's side if ur just unlucky with genes then u might be a little overweight but if u put even a little effort into getting off ur fat ass and exercising than u will at least be able to buckle ur ******* seatbelt


did you guys say its not their fault for being fat..... wow you are all dumb as those fat people who stuff their faces and get fat and blame other things. * o noes I'm fat it must be genetics or its because for the past 3 years my diet isn't working all these fried buttered chocolate chicken I only 20 a day* seriously calling me an asshole. when these people can't stop stuffing their face since they were 10. I'm being nice with the age. because I believe at 10 you can at least think for your self. * like o noes I'm 10 and 210 pound gotta stop eating all that surgar and calories. bam 1 year later 11 and 120 pounds * its not hard to slow down on eating all of those fried butter balls

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Grrr why does it say "success your comment's been posted" and then it doesn't post it?

where did my comment go? I was like the first one...:o

dude that's your own damn fault. if you're unhappy with your body, go on a diet.

omg! idk how people let themselves go like that! get a diet n pump iron! u can do it!!!

says the man god^^ op when I fly I book 2 seats for the twins.

haha I agree if you're unhappy with the body you have just eat right and exercise!!!

nerds. *just have to

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Jeez idk what it is with people. Diets aren't the answer for everything. Many people, possibly such as OP here, have thyroid issues, gluten intolerances, or even celiac and don't even know it. OP, go get your thyroid checked, GET OFF gluten (wheat, barley, etc) and just eat in moderation along with some exercise. Diet isn't everything. before you know, you'll feel better in no time!

Those are just excuses as to why they are fat. The real reason they are fat is because they are taking pies for those conditions instead of pills.

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Listen to 73. I'm celiac myself and all sorts of weird symptoms can come about from eating wheat. Also your thyroid can still be low even if your bloodwork checks out.

It's just as embarrassing when you HAVE to sit in First Class, and STILL need need an extender.

this is where ignorance is not bliss....also to an extent it's not this Dudes fault entirely . people either have fat on the outside, or built up around organs. it's really just determined by genetics. however my little theory doesn't apply to whales unfortunatley.

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these health problems however can't be entirely to blame here, obviously a change in lifestyle is needed here

diets are amazing not starve urself, diet as in lean meat turkey whole wheat bread and in no time ull b like me! measured at 210 yesterday :D

still stuck at 135 , can't gain weight to save my life, damn you genetics !!!!

That's your opinion and I respect it. I've never done drugs (if that's what Ur hinting at) I'm not a god, I don't even work out for girls it gets myind off stuff, and jester try taking weight gainer and creatine, about 4k+ calories a day, I eat ALOT cause I need it to maintain my size and if u really wanna gain do heavies, like I'll bench 345 for 3 reps then 325 for 3 than 285 for 5 if u can do just heavy weights for less reps u put on weight! It's not instant it's taken me 4.5years of 3hours a day! I can send anyone a workout plan I use and u can b huge. Email me I check once a week! I'm not a god I'm dedicated and I'm happy with me and thts all that matters.

No, It wasn't funny at all Ayame. Have a little ******* respect for the dead. I read his profile also, and I found it extremely sad that his beloved Father passed away. How dare you make a joke of death. my mother abandoned me over drugs, I still fee thel pain after 9 years. Some ******* nerve to make that joke.

woah I got it now. holy. he didn't do it to himself the drugs weren't him. **** you for that wow :.(... I didn't even think of her referencing papa bear... noone is that heartless. :.(

Don't listen to that Fucking asshole. she's a jealous heartless asshole with nothing better to do. I read your profile, and I'm happy for you, you succeed in what you want to succeed in. I have the upmost respect for you Goodies63, and my prayers are with you and your family tonight.

actually, not that many people have that problem. it's extremely rare. it's sounds rough, but 9/10 times, if you're fat, you're eating too many calories. simple as that. there is no secret in weight gain or weight loss, no special diets, it's all about calories.

Some people are that heartless. I'd like to give the poster the benefit of the doubt and say perhaps she's just completely socially inept, but that was cruel. I am so sorry, that must have hurt. Big hug to you.

look ayame go **** yourself. he was an amazing dad. I'm not normally this cruel but u crossed the line. you kid are a true b word. yup I went there. he went to rehab he tried and he told me he loved me and I'll always love him. he tried to stop. he cared. he's an amazing guy and don't argue u didn't know him. thanks for the hug

I think it's time for you to Shut the Fuck up, Ayame. It doesn't matter how he died, he loved his father, just like I love my father. I'd still love my father unconditionally even if he did have an addiction. They are still our loved ones.

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Hey there fucktard bitch, yeah I said it. Here's a reality check trying to hurt someone like that is rediculous. Death is hard and just because you say you experienced it doesn't give you the right to treat others like that. Now for a lesson. Addiction is not something someone can give up because they love you; it doesn't work like that. It's a disease. I know this for a fact. I'm an alcohol and drug counselor and still in school pursuing my career as a psychologist. In addition, I was a practicing addict from the age of 12 to 17. The fact that I was hurting my family and that they "pleaded" with me to stop couldn't stop me. Addiction is cunning and baffeling. It takes alot to get through it. As far as goodies goes dude I'm glad your proud of who you are! I use to train alot for fitness shows and such and it's alot of grueling work and diets! Good job for you, after all she said you didn't even really put her in her place. You are a real gentleman and have a heart of gold! Best to you in life.

"cunning and baffling," Bill W a friend of yours?

#154 dude just don't listen to them man. I know what it's like to loose your father. It hurts, a lot. But people who go out of their way to insult your dad are jist sick, twisted low lives who feel sorry fpr themselves. They don't deserve your attention or that you waste your time, breath or energy. also you get a hug and kudos for being epic and as a show of my sentimemts for you (:

ayame you are one nasty sour bitch! you no nothing about his dater and family so shutup u judgmental Nast being! stop being a keyboard hero u wouldn't dare saying that to his face! u sound like a jealous nasty cow! grow up!

father and nasty**

are the twins your ass cheeks?

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His woman like boobs must take distract him from his father's death.

hey ayame, it doesn't matter what you've been through, it doesn't give you the right to be a cold heartless bitch to a complete stranger over such a touchy subject, so why don't you do us all a favor and go **** yourself

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Ayame, I understand that the topic of drugs is a sensitive one for you. What I don't understand is how you can make such a rude and poorly thought out comment towards a complete stranger. There is no way you could have known his father's situation. Now you know his dad was in rehab and trying to recover. You should feel horrible about your comment, and learn a valuable lesson from this situation.

ayame don't worry about these self righteous dicks on fml I don't really understand how any of u can feel like u are so much better than her. I mean **** I wouldn't give a shit if anyone in my family died (some have) and they tell me they love me and they have given me plenty. mabey girls are different in the head and mabey society thinks it's ok to be a whiney bitch when someone dies but seriously after a year or so get over it. she made one comment that was more about her own family than his so calm down

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Ummm, everything in your plan sounds great, except for the creatine. My mom is a pharmacist and she was scolding my cousin who does the same thing you do. Just not for contests, only girls haha. But my cousin was using creatine as well. Apparently it's very bad for you in the long run because your body already has creatine and it breaks it down while making more. So, when you take in the extra creatine, your body can't break it down and it can cause like muscle damage or something. I didn't get all the details my mom was talking about. But apparently it definitely is bad for you in the long run. Just thought I'd share. When I saw creatine in your regime it made nervous for you and anyone else. :)

Creatine just fills muscles with additional water it's a fast bulk up. And whoever doesn't care about ur family just move out?

and this is why u do creatine in increments so u don't get too much!

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Goodies63 your body looks nasty, it looks bloated rather than ripped. Also, I think Ayame is hilarious.

Thanks for sharing man. Jealousy is a powerful thing.

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January8 5

you're fantastic

double rainbows :) thanks for support! u guys r awesome and this who hate me it's okay :) can't please em all!

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Goodies, only impatient idiots use creatine to get 'muscle'. Stop being dependent on a supplement and get rid of those sacs of flab on your chest.

Actualy i rotate on creatine its a boost, whats your max bench? My sacs of fat hahaha! sorry bud i outlift u with one pec =]. Im sorry i care about how i look and work hard to achieve my goals, Beebow just cause ur jealous doesnt mean u should troll i offered a plan for you at least then you could have some muscle?

Okay, 1) Ayame, you are a heartless brat who obviously has no experience whatsoever with death. 2) Beebow, you are a pathetic troll, forever alone. You're just trying to hurt goodie by goading him with pathetic, unsubstantiated insults. You disgust me, and if you have that attitude normally, you probably disgust most women too, so I'd get off goodie's back if I were you, you filthy hypocrite. 3) To goodie, I am so so sorry for you man :( I have had loved ones die but nothing compared to what you've gone through. Don't listen to all the losers on here with no life other than starting fights on the Internet. No one can understand what you've experienced so don't listen when they say they do. And PS you have some SICK abs man hahaha no one can honestly make fun of those. Keep it up, it's a lot better than drinking and getting baked. :) best wishes. lol

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It's ok fatty

Anyone insulting goodies is just a dumb ****, he was too nice to even tell you to shut the **** up no matter what you said. Do you feel good about yourselves, insulting someone you don't even know safe and sound behind your computer? We all know you wouldn't have the balls to speak up like that in person.. people like you disgust me

ps I like your pecs... <3

Varsity soccer! And the captain! you have earned my respect. Soccer is the beat sport ever!

You dick, you really think you should just 'Go on a diet'? You're ******* clueless.

You're an asshole.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or any kind of hormone disorder, can also cause that, and getting your blood sugar checked is a good idea; if you're insulin-resistant you'll gain weight. Basically go to the doctor and ask for a full workup. Losing weight sometimes means you need medicine. And it's better to get checked out.

Its ok tub tub, they have seatbelt extensions for that. Or, now you know for next time you fly to buy 2 seats so you dont spill over onto the person next to you

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please don't be a ass

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come on, man, what'd he ever do to u ? Ur not funny.

Wow. Way to be a total dick. It's because of people like you that people lacking self confidence can't seem to ever feel good about themselves. Seriously. There are many reasons that OP could be gaining weight, and if they are unhappy they need support and positivity to go through a major life change to lose weight. I stood by my nest friend during the process of her losing 100 pounds. She is so beautiful right now, an we always have to help her see her new figure. It's because of people like you that prevent people from feeling good about themselves. Granted, FML is not a good place for sympathy and support. But you should still have the common courtesy of not being a rude ********.

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92 has got a point, support really does help and FML is really not the place for it.

welcome to FML, go find self confidence elsewhere.

And 109 is the champion :P lol

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Dudes fat, get over it. I hate how people make excuses for this thing. Slow metabolism my ass, eat right and exercise that's all there is to it. You don't need to be jacked just maintain a healthy weight.

seriously 92 is the kind of person that inspires all this politically correct bullshit. if u are unhappy with ur life change it urself. if u don't want to change ur life don't complain about it.

I'd say the biggest problem is that often times when larger people ARE trying to lose weight they get made fun of. I mean think of how many FML's have come through where someone was trying to lose weight by jogging and some Jackass felt the need to yell something like "Run Fatty Run". Insulting people never helps, it only hurts, because the end result to such situations is that those people become too embarrassed to work out because they are afraid of what people will think or say when they do it. Having confidence is key but not everyone has confidence, especially when other people work to make sure that they don't.

ya ok, fat people are ridiculous. wah wah. get off your ass and do something.

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If you take up 2 seats then you should buy 2 seats. I have paid for one seat so why should I only get half a seat?

I begto disagree. Im chunky and I found that HILARIOUS!

The way I see it, if they are having confidence problems they should go anorexic because it's better to be skinny and sad than fat and sad (personally).

Do you have any idea what an asshole you sound like? I have an eating disorder. I used to be fat. Probably not as big as the OP, but still obese. I've lost more than 80lbs. People are telling me that I'm too skinny now and that I need to stop. But I can't, because I have an eating disorder. However sad I was about being fat is nothing compared to the misery and pain that an eating disorder inflicts upon the sufferer and those that love them. Also, you can't just "go" anorexic. Anorexia is a mental disorder, your average person can't starve themselves because their brain won't let them. There has to be something deeper to put yourself through this. Also, if (s)he were to develop anorexia (s)he'd think that (s)he was fat at any weight, even underweight.

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just sad

It always amazes me that people need things like this to realize that they're fat.


They usually try to stay in denial for as long as they can so they don't have to face the truth.

Well, It could happen to anyone. Life is hard for everyone, we just have different ways coping with it. Some eat, some don't eat, some do drugs, some etc etc.

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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

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#70.. do u think ur cool for smoking?? .. its really common and u dont gotta show it off...

agree with 123! I got banned for saying smoking makes people ugly tho :(

Well now that you have accepted the fact that you're over weight. It's time to exercise and eat healthier.

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You need to "man up" and quit making fun of people, I can't stand people who deny their own flaws by making fun of others.

I don deny anything. they need to run and eat less. :/