By moshgra
Today, I went in to work to check my new schedule for the week. I searched up and down and didn't see my name listed. After talking to my manager, he decided it would be easier to "release" me than remake a new schedule. FML
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  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

Agreed with 1 making a schedule maybe complicated at your workplace due to number of employees and/or lack of hours available. FYL but it may be difficult to make another schedule. yes.

  mrahhhhh  |  21

I'll give you a free pass on the reading comprehension fail seeing as how you made the post late at night and I almost made the same mistake of posting a comment without knowing the boss's (possible bad grammar; I know and don't give a #%$#) gender.

By  JeNaiRasLeBol  |  0

I don't believe this. -_-
not legal. unless you are a seasonal employee. I mean how hard is it to ADD
someone to your staffing??
it's much harder to find a replacement or
take someone out.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Actually, it is legal. I've worked in retail for 3 years now and my company did that all the time to people they recently hired when they weren't needed anymore. Obviously OP wasn't necessary enough to be kept around. And considering the way the FML is written, it's safe to assume the OP was either seasonal or part-time.

  tencentsakiss  |  19

It is 100% legal. A lot of companies take people off the schedule before they actually tell them they're fired. OP is clearly one of those obnoxious people that asks for days off after the schedule is made. That is grounds for the release right there.

  Torvus  |  4

Actually #5 it depends on where you live. OP probably lives in a right-to-work state, meaning employers can terminate an employee at any time with or without reason. OP, that sucks. FYL indeed.

  starile  |  19

Dude, seriously, ask a native English speaker to proofread your comments before you post them. Otherwise, you will be met with a lot of confused replies and ridicule.

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

OP: So does this mean that taking an office stapler to the back of his head is easier than going through the complex procedure of filing a lawsuit?