Today, as every day for the past few weeks, my husband won't have sex. His reason? We've decided to have a baby, and he reckons that the longer he waits, the more competition there will be between his sperm and thus the better the result will be. FML
By Bouh / Thursday 27 December 2012 04:04 / France
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By  misskorrix  |  4

That's funny

  oj101  |  33

Well, it's kinda true. Sperm builds up Cumulatively for up to 3 days until the body gets rid of it internally, but the sperm certainly doesn't compete more - just that there's more of it, and that outcome is more likely to be successful if they normally had sex every 3 days (and he doesn't fap in between) - but doing it once a day or more is far more likely to be successful than any other method.

  NeatNit  |  32

I think you misunderstood. The husband thinks the son/daughter will be more successful as they grow up as a result of this 'competition'. Needless to say this is untrue.

  Wishez  |  12

In reality, you are not necessarily the result of the fastest sperm, because it takes multiple sperm to break through the membrane of the egg and whichever one is lucky enough to get in first wins.

  vcapelo  |  19

Actually if you wait a little the sperm quality will improve. Thats why you have to not masturbate for three days if you want to donate sperm. And the body is alsp capable of getting rid of the 'old dead' sperm itself. But you're right that it's possible to wait too long, but a few weeks won't do any damage.

By  Despereaux  |  15

Tell him after you have the baby that you won't have sex with him because you're scared of the competition between your eggs, thus leading to an unwanted child. (yes I am aware there is only one egg in ovulation but i thought I would narrow it down to the husbands level of stupidity.)

  crazytwinsmom  |  25

Multiple eggs tend to be released when a woman is older, nature's way of giving you a better chance of at least one being fertilized since the eggs are older and less viable.

By  pradip  |  26

Your baby will becum a good swimmer.