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Today, an argument broke out between me, my girlfriend, and her sister. They were trying to convince me that not only were fairies real, but there were "scientific facts" that "prove" their existence. My girlfriend's 20 and her sister teaches primary school. FML
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Tell them the female ****** is a myth, and back it up with "scientific facts" and "proof"

girls don't poop, fart, ******, burp, or smell bad.. it's been proven

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girls don't fart, they febreeze

You're dating a retard Op. Wanna know why primary school teachers make 30k a year? it's cause they have no brains to teach anything older that those comprehend addition.

37, Oh wow you are just so simple minded. People go into teaching because they (generally) have a passion to teach and to work with children. I stopped doing medicine to teach because I have a passion for it. I am far from being dumb. So stop being so god damn rude.

-41 I'm sorry I don't want to be taught by people that will believe stupid things as they might (most likely) teach me wrong information.

barely 18 an have already gone from medicine to teaching? yeah right.

41, you didn't "stop doing medicine" and you aren't a teacher; you're 17 years old.

I meant studying... I am 18 and was studying medicine now teaching. I agree that the sister shouldn't believe in fairies and teach but it's pretty stupid to say all teachers are dumb.

Hey now, where I went to university, in all fairness, 95% of the primary education girls where air heads and were just looking to marry a pre-med or pre-law student who's family had money. Then again, I went to TCU, land of the monetarily gifted, and lacking in the intellectual gifted. But boy, those primary education girls were beautiful...

60 I am going to assume you are just dribbling shit. 18 is still too young to teach and unless you are some sort of genius (which I doubt we have many of those on fml) you were not studying medicine with the time to change your mind right out of high school.

yeah. I actually am pre-med. what you're saying makes no sense, kid.

you're not actually "studying medicine" until med school, which is after the initial four years of college as pre med, sista.

Agreed. and if she's just 18, which is the the average age of high school graduates, she's been "studying med" for probably a semester or two in college. That's probably easy bio 101 classes. she wrote it like she's done 4 years of college and 3 out of 4 years of medical school and decided to switch to educational studies. That's story would've been very convincing, had you not put your age. Don't lie on FML to make yourself look educated because thanks to the observant/stalkerish users, we will find out you're lying by reading your information!

She'd make a great teacher, swearing and whatnot. Student: I don't get this math problem. Teacher: I don't give a shit.

hey now, EVERY ONE curses from time to time. every teacher does. it's unfair to assume she would during class.

True. But you gotta respect most that have the kinda self control not to curse especially with student who are a total pain in the ass, such as the ones who are 18 and think they've transitioned from med to education after just getting out of high school.

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93- I understand your point completely. Your completely correct but she probably just meant that she changed her field of study and didn't want to go into great detail about it. You are correct completely(not to say that I know all the requirements as I do not study medicine however I do know you are pre-med before you actually study medicine) I just think there was a misunderstanding. she is young to change her career path but I know half way into my first semester of college I changed my career path also.

Just because she's 18 doesn't mean she can't have already started college. I just completed my 2 year general degree 3 months ago and I'm already a quarter of the way through my psychology degree. And I'm only 19. But I did take college in high school and joined the military so I got a lot of credits for that shit.

by the time you're 18 the teacher doesn't need to swear in class anymore. the students will tell whoever needs it to hut the **** up and stop being a dick head. I had a first year teacher in my senior history class. being his first year he didn't know how to handle the class, especially with half the varsity football and basketball team in the class so the students were pretty good at peace making.

Well if a primary teacher tells you they're real then they're real.

Jammy01jams 2

Actually 108, some people (myself) can turn vulgar language on and off in an instant. Out with friends, and very third word is the f word. Gone with family and around kids, what the fudgsicals. Boom swearing is out like a light and I can not have any slip ups. I consider it a talent.

Mmmm I had a teacher in HS who was like 20... apparently he started going to Cal Tech when he was 16. Fun guy ^^

One comment can lead a whole page of arguments. Good trolling there.

Run! it's Crocker!! FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!

How exactly did you stop doing medicine and started teaching when you're only 18? From what I remember you need to have a degree to practice medicine or teach. Good try but no.

**** you! fairies are real! get over yourself!

Dude, of course fairies is real. Did you really think that Tinkerbell was a made up Disney character. Now she is the real thing.

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tinkerbell is a pocket sized *****

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I don't believe in fairies.......somewhere a fairy just dropped dead.

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OP better not not tell Navi that fairies aren't real. Link would kick his ass

shit, they are not real?! excuse me as I re-evaluate my childhood... :( lol

you guys are making references to tinkerbell?! What about the fairly odd parents!!? My favorite show as a kid..

You grew up in the shit times, because Tinkerbell was THE fairy back when I was really young. So was Navi... can't forget her despite constantly annoying us.

they sure do. New York just legalized that they can get married.

Is their last name Crocker? "FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!"

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Dude, I feel for you. But you gotta give her some credit for still having the courage to say that. Especially when she's twenty. :)

it's not courage. it's a sense of right

they're probably dumb enough that you could say that it's normal to have a threesome with her sister, then you will get some ;)

Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies!

ain't real. can't fight somethin that ain't real

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Then how do you explain all the dead unicorns?

Supernatural is awesome therefore you are awesome simply for using it as a reference!!!

fairies are real! there IS proof!! mushroom circles anyone ??

take a bio 101 course to explain what you call "mushroom circles."

let me correct myself, mushroom rings.

She failed to troll you. Congrats, you have successfully been owned by a SNOWMAN!

i think you are confused my dear man.

Of course Faries are real, who stole my teeth from under my pillow when I was little?

-33 I don't comment good 100% of the time, I'm not iAmScrubs, but seriously choose your comments wisely, I could do a hundred of them but they would be terrible, like this one.

33's comment in combination with the pic made me lol

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tooth fairy still steals my teeth. except he uses pliers and cloroform

I am not myself. I don't try to make good comments. And trust homie. IamScrubs isn't the best there's ever been. But whatever it's a website. I just come here once I'm done masturbating.

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Every thing we can touch, smell, taste, see and hear is less than one-millionth of reality.

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Where'd you hear that? church?

RabidBunny 10

Yes, because everyone knows I go to church...

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88- yes because everyone on here knows everything about you... Calm your **** or gtfo

rabidbunny- finally someone who does the research and doesn't believe everything he is told.

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Eggers u GTFO ur annoyin no one invited to ta comment

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EXACTLY. It is probably a good thing most people don't perceive too much. Reality is oft stranger than fiction.

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Of course fairies are real. Everyone knows that.

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Duh, haven't you seen Twilight? There's your scientific proof

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There are fairies in Twilight? I think you're thinking of True Blood...

I think 61 is referring to how Edward looks like a fairy in the sun =D it's actually pree funny

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Have some imagination. Fairies ARE real.