By Anonymous - 27/11/2009 14:13 - United States

Today, I learned that when someone says "I know what you did" it's better not to confess right away, because sometimes they could be talking about leaving the computer on all night, and not talking about giving the family dog away and telling everyone it ran away. FML
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somela 0

YDI and you suck I hope your family puts you up for adoption, so you know how your dog felt

Don't you watch TV?? Of course you never confess!


Well obviously.. common sense you guilty bastard. :3

Don't you watch TV?? Of course you never confess!

Yeah, my first thought xD

Hey, my comment said 'I love TV wisdom'.. Wonder why it's blank now :S

**** you for giving away the poor dog. asshole

jonnyplayzaguita 0

your stupidthe first thing you say is, "whatdid you know that i did?"

you. are a total ********

zendaddy0 0

I leave the computer on when I'm in the bathroom so it burns when I pee

taylove23 1

learn how to hold the water.

Itasan 0

Remember to never confess what you did unless someone actually says it.

That's what the FML says, dumbass

somela 0

YDI and you suck I hope your family puts you up for adoption, so you know how your dog felt

Because a dogs life is really as worthy as a human isnt it.

sharon_ellj 0


Actually it's more worthy given that animals don't do the kind of horrible things humans do (ie: Child abuse, murder, wars in the name of religion, etc)

digibenho 0

well... i once saw a dog killing a smaler one... i would qualify this as a murder... and dogs are always having sex... sometimes with human legs... i would qualify this as an abuse...

yup it is worth more

Everybody on this stream is ******* retarted. For one, the "family dog" could have been annoying as ****. And for two, not all humans do horrible things- some of them do really ******* great things and sone dogs DO do horrible things- including attacking people. And a ******* dog's life more valuable than a humans??? Are you all ****** in the head? Are you telling me that if you only had time to save a dog or a child from getting hit by a car, you would save the ******* dogs? On the off chance that the child may grow up to do horrible things and of course the dog (who most likely otherwise doesn't give a shit about anything but itself) will not... Seriously, something is wrong with you obsessive dog people

86 I feel like my toaster is abusing me because I jumped up when the toast was done. dogs are cute and fun therefore more worthy than your life

musicninja 0

Oh wow. Well that's a life lesson we should all know.

YDI for lying to your family and giving away the dog!

If its weighing that heavily on your conscience, you shouldnt be telling those kinds of whoppers.

I agree with #4

Lol u deserve it bitch