By bestnameright - United States - Washington
Today, I sent in an assignment from my batshit insane teacher. The assignment was to read a poem, analyze it, and make a comic of its plot. This would've been fine if the teacher who assigned it to me didn't teach math. FML
bestnameright tells us more :
Actually when I told my humanities teacher about the project I learned that my math teacher has a degree in literature or something. 0_0
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  Stefan1994  |  7

Unless it was a math poem... my mind is turning into scrambled eggs! What is x and y to the power of three? Whole numbers, mixed numbers and absolute, exponents, integers and factoring trees.

  justspin  |  7

27- where I live we have something called standard based learning. No homework. But projects have to be assigned in multiple ways so my math teachers could assign this shit. Sorry op! Good luck.

  kitsune3  |  20

Still doesn't give him an excuse. If that's not the class he actually teaches, I don't think he should be entitled to assigning things for other courses. Lit. degree or not, it's your English teacher's job to give you those kinds of assignments, not his.

  PnKaos  |  7

Oh but what's the point! Is it such a sin to plot some fun for your students? Soh what if they went a little 'off the grid', I applaud them on their not so linear thinking.

  nikininja  |  4

The teacher went off on a bit of a tangent here but I can see how they tried to integrate new learning concepts into the subject cos it can get boring sometimes I guess...


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