By Ditzyfitzy
Today, after spending 2 years saving for my flights, I was denied boarding due to issues with my passport. I heading straight to the embassy only to be told a replacement will take 8 days. The airline will only hold my place for 7. FML
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By  davidfong  |  14

I would see if you can pay extra to get your passport faster, and see if you can get the embassy to call the airline. Or call the airline your self and what they can do to help you I doubt this is the first something like this has happened worst case is you might have to pay some more money to get on a different flight.

By  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

What country do you live in? If you're going to an embassy doesn't that mean you are already abroad? If in the US and a US citizen, there are more places than the embassy to get a new passport. If you show imminent departure tickets and are coolly panicking they will expedite it. Although I'm not sure how the gov't shutdown will be affecting them right now.

By  sparklyre  |  6

eek! But all may not be lost; often when they say "X" they mean "up to X", so it could - possibly - arrive in time. Or talk to the airline about going on the standby list.