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By Anonymous - 21/07/2020 20:02

Today, my job has a policy where you can only have two breaks if you work 7 hours or more. I've recently been assigned multiple strings of 6 hour 45 minute shifts. And no, I can't work 15 minutes of overtime so I can have the extra break. FML
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Well technically you ARE getting that extra break, it’s just at the end of the day. Oh, and it’s not paid.

One word: adult diapers. Wait, that's two words, but when it comes to a grown-ass woman soiling herself intentionally, who wants to be persnickety about word counts?

I think your comment wound up on the wrong FML

No. It's right. I'm just guessing that when having breaks is a big deal, it's for bathroom purposes. The OP could bring a bucket or chamber pot to work to make a statement, too.

Wow, young people have it so bad today. I just hope you never experience the trauma of a paper cut.

I work 8 to 9 hours a day 5 days a week with 1 break and have for nearly 10 years. suck it up you delicate flower

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Nobody asked about your situation. Go stick it up to the manager.

Ayeeeep. Companies have been doing this since the dawn of time. Nothing new really. Welcome to the unfortunate side of a job and business!

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I work 10 hour days with no breaks...suck it up buttercup

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If you want one that badly then maybe create one.

I've worked 8-10 hours shifts without a break at all, just to get stuff done before the start of the next shift, if need be. working 6-7 hours with only 1 break isn't too bad.

i think people should get more breaks, i hate working my life away. i work 12 hour shifts but we technically get an hour and a half worth of breaks. job i have now pretty much half the night is a break. worked some jobs where I've had no breaks and its constant go go go, no thanks.

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It’s so sad that most of these comments are from people saying they work longer hours with less breaks to make it seem like OP’s situation isn’t so bad. Everyone who works several hours should get sufficient breaks. The work-obsessed world we live in is not healthy.

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Agreed.its also way illegal and they are just being exploited. They don’t even understand that when they actually need a break, their boss will say the same thing they said. Or fire them.

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I feel bad for you, but I work 12 hour shifts, and though we're entitled to 1 30 minute break where we clock out and 2 15 minute ones where we don't, the way my workload works out, I'm lucky if I get to take a full 30 minute break before someone comes to tell me one of my patients needs something. And even after I hand them off, I'm still there hours later doing charting. If you don't chart it, you didn't do it. And the second you try to chart, even if you just got out of their room, they're on the call bell again. but it's ok. I'm getting paid to stay late to finish charting. And if I'm dragged away from my food, I clock back in. And if my boss asks why I didn't take my full 30, I'll say I couldn't because all the other nurses were with their own patients and the CNA told me my patient was in bad condition, and I wasn't about to lose my license letting my patient die so I could take 30 minutes to eat and rest my feet. Honestly, I'm glad I even have a job during this pandemic. I traveled far and wide to get this job. Literally from one side of the US to the other because I just got my license snack dab in the middle of this pandemic and where I was wasn't willing to train and wanted experience, so I'll be damned if I let me getting 5 12-h shifts in a row before a day off or me being shorted on breaks make me run away from the work I got, especially since they took me and trained me during this crap show of a pandemic. Now I just gotta pray and pray at the end of this all, I make it back to my family. But right now, all I'm thinking is, thank God I have a job right now. There are so many who don't.