By Anonymous - 21/7/2020 20:02

Seize the means of production

Today, my job has a policy where you can only have two breaks if you work 7 hours or more. I've recently been assigned multiple strings of 6 hour 45 minute shifts. And no, I can't work 15 minutes of overtime so I can have the extra break. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  30

No. It's right. I'm just guessing that when having breaks is a big deal, it's for bathroom purposes.

The OP could bring a bucket or chamber pot to work to make a statement, too.

By  FireMars  |  14

I've worked 8-10 hours shifts without a break at all, just to get stuff done before the start of the next shift, if need be. working 6-7 hours with only 1 break isn't too bad.

By  satirevseud27  |  2

i think people should get more breaks, i hate working my life away. i work 12 hour shifts but we technically get an hour and a half worth of breaks. job i have now pretty much half the night is a break. worked some jobs where I've had no breaks and its constant go go go, no thanks.

By  ojoRojo  |  27

It’s so sad that most of these comments are from people saying they work longer hours with less breaks to make it seem like OP’s situation isn’t so bad. Everyone who works several hours should get sufficient breaks. The work-obsessed world we live in is not healthy.

  Mathalamus  |  24

Agreed.its also way illegal and they are just being exploited. They don’t even understand that when they actually need a break, their boss will say the same thing they said. Or fire them.