By Anonymous - 29/06/2014 22:28 - United States

Today, after leaving my mom's house, I got 4 text messages from her about how I was a terrible person for not saying goodbye to my sister when I left. The "sister" she was referring to is the family dog. FML
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Teddzz 19

Like the dog would've understood... Still though, many people attach human-level emotions to pets, me included

did you really just say woofbye?


Ask her whos the dad

Scooby Doo. I'll give you one guess what he did for a Scooby Snack.

The fact that the family dog is now referred to as your sister is sad.

As far as your bro is concerned, you're pack mates, which is basically family and then some.

It's an adopted family member. Your mother is showing her animal respect, and that is advanced.

How could you not?! D=

Maybe they got the dog after OP moved out and she's not particularly attached to it.

I love my animals, but that is utterly ridiculous.

i could never understand how people refer to dogs or cats as your "brother" or "sister". i love my dogs but theres a line

yeah or call themselves, the mommy or daddy. That's just plain stupid.

Agreed. I mean, look at it this way... If the dog dies, that's very sad and everyone will cry. If your CHILD dies, you are broken for the rest of your life. They're part of the family, for sure, but they are not people.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

But, #39, pets stay with you when they pass away, too. It might not ruin the rest of your life, but they're missed for years and years just like any other family member.

YDI. Would it hurt you to say goodbye to the dear doggy before you leave? She likely knows you, hopefully likes you, a cuddle and goodbye before you go isn't asking much!

I agree, but the four texts from her mom are a bit much.

She is probally lonely!

OP you could've tell your mom that the dog did not answered your greetings and that your feelings are hurt. Lol.

TheDoctor10 28

To be honest, the dog is the one I would actually want to say goodbye to, not that they really understand.

you mean you can't speak dog? Maybe next regeneration!

If you repeat an action or phrase everytime you leave they will eventually associate it to be a way you say goodbye.

Actually dogs can know what you're saying I have a three year old mix breed and my mom and me talk to her and she understands what we're saying