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Today, I got an angry call to the phone shop where I work. The caller demanded that we give him his money back. His reason? He said he'd been tricked because his phone got ruined by water "even though he was using the waterproof application". FML
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I really didn't think this would be posted, but thanks for all the hilarious comments! Well, I think I ought to explain it a bit. This person is one of our usual customers and is infamous for being a total idiot. Although this isn't the first time he has complained to us, this is by far the stupidest complaint he's made. He's usually complaining about that the Internet's off and that he can't turn 3G on and so on. Anyway, he didn't get his money back and my boss told him to piss off, so we're all good :).

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Next he's going to sue the beer companies because he won't actually be able to drink the beer from the app.

knight0748 5

He didn't install idiot proof app??


Next he's going to sue the beer companies because he won't actually be able to drink the beer from the app.

JMichael 25

Or the because the good recipe apps don't make the good for him.

He probably managed to get it water damaged through an app too..

Or the gun apps don't kill the goshdarn phone IT people

Oh shit, I think the caller fell for that iOS 7 "Waterproof" bullshit that 4chan propagated.

Why do so many people need to wet their phones anyway? Jokesters could have thought up something more useful like a "shatterproof screen" app :P

#38 Maybe the app was designed to target all the yacht sailors out there? Hmmm?

knight0748 5

He didn't install idiot proof app??

maybe the waterproof application isn't so waterproof.

A few weeks or months ago I stumbled upon a picture about such a waterproof application. It seemed to be created by a user of 4chan with the intention to fool gullible idiots. There are plenty of them...

Please ignore this reply to that comment

Please ignore this reply to a reply to a reply to a FML post.

Please ignore this person ^ that has no humor.

For once, she's right. Let this thread die quickly.

Yes! Let it die! Let it die by making it the most replied to comment on this post.

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Please ignore the death of this thread.

This FML even makes my eldest cat look smarter.

Wow. Sorry you have to deal with that level of stupid OP

#23: Your hostility is regrettable, and people don't tend to respond well to such behavior.

...and if you look to your right, we see the Internet Jerk. Take note at his hostility to random people, his ability to wanting people to shut their faces for typing something online, and his loneliness. A fair warning though, please do not feed it. That will just provoke him some more.

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What is a waterproof application? Did he use some sort of aquatic screen saver? Now I am curious.

The customer is talking about an app. An app that apparently makes your phone water proof. Because you know software can ALWAYS change the hardware logically!

perdix 29

Tell him his problem is with the developer of that particular waterproof app. You can't be held responsible for defective third-party software. After he accepts reason and buys a new phone, make sure he purchases your $49.99 zombie-proof app.

crazytwinsmom 25

Yes, he'll need the zombie-proof app when he's watching Walking Dead on his phone.

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Wow. It still amazes me how stupid people can be.

It's painful trying to explain these things to idiot customers. I hope that was only one of few people you have to talk to.