By exnotwelcome19 - 02/05/2011 01:05 - United States

Today, my mom told my abusive ex-boyfriend, whom I broke up with 5 days ago, that he is always welcome at my house. She "misses him". FML
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Does she even know he abuses you? If she does then yeah, FYL big time, if not, then you should probably tell her.

Sounds like you need to break up with your mom, too.


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My mama told me when I was young~ I would meet people with poor grammar.

and that eventually you will get over it

ma momma always said people bitch too much about crap people don't really give a shit about. so give me a thumbs down bitches, I know you will ;)

why was this rated down? the water boy is awesome!

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Use your medulla oblongata, if you don't understand the movie quote!

take karate lessons, it won't do you any good, but it will keep you fit and your mind sharp. that's what chuck norris says anyway.

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ya well my momma always said life is like a box a chocolits. ya neva no watcha gona get

@105 My mamma told me to tell you, to tell your mamma that there is a list of what the chocolate is on the lid XD

Bout the funniest comment i've ever read

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hey 16 don't be a smart ass because he's immitating the waterboy.

So I'm guessing you don't interact with many people.

Does she even know he abuses you? If she does then yeah, FYL big time, if not, then you should probably tell her.

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makes you wonder why she "misses him"

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then tell your dad about the issue..maybe he can talk it to your mom.

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#17 Love the Family Guy reference!

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#17 Love the Family Guy reference!

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So...your Mom is abusive too. Guess that's why you were attracted to the loser ex

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maybe it's your mom's turn now ;)

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I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted him for herself

finally some guys hitting on guys for a change

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oohh sooo sexy 3, I absolutely love the shirt over the head, 14 year ol myspace mirror pic! gets me all hot ;)

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3 you are way too old for phone in the mirror shirt up shots.

kinda like chris brown- rhianna relationship. :::sado-masochism. rhianna sings about it all the time

**** all of you guys for moderating my shit if I was talking about a ******* girl it wouldn't have gotten so many negative marks! stupid ******* bigots!

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fyl, she actually meant to say, she "wants him" ;)

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yeah your mom wants a piece of that.

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she misses him, sounds like she already hit that, and liked it.

Sounds like you need to break up with your mom, too.

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Sorry,I accidently reported

Tell your ex-boyfriend to **** off.

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and then he'll break her other arm

#1 is a piece of shit, and should die

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I agree with 19, I'm pretty jealous that he got first comment though. That's right y'all can suck it. Hmmmm I love the taste of soft succulent tears filled with envy.

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call me up anytime and ill kick his ass

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Dude, totally random but noticed you're also from Orange County. Pretty awesome

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start beating your ex - boyfriend and see how he likes it .. mayb it will keep him away from your house as well .. thats what id do. >:]

wow 31 get your mind out of the gutter bud

see I've tried fighting when my ex would hit me... but it just resulted in my arm getting cut over a cutting board for being disobedient :( FYL op.. I know how you feel.. well except my parents wanted to kill my ex

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wow -_____- i didnt mean it in a sexual way .. ahaha thats gross