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Today, I got a call from my daughter’s teacher asking me to come pick her up. My daughter wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. I left an important work meeting. When I got there she stated her boyfriend broke up with her and she couldn't emotionally make it through the rest of the day. She's 5. FML
mom21_fml tells us more :
WOW. First off, the only reason I posted this was because I called my husband to tell him about this and he thought itd be funny to post this on here. Now I wish I hadn't. Most of you people are more dramatic than my daughter. I made an account to defend my child. She's five. She was just being silly...
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It's cute.
Scratch's absolutely adorable!
However, can you imagine what she's gonna be like when she's a teenager if she's already like this?

It reminds me of that three year old who was bawling over Justin Bieber.

  iliketurdles  |  7

It's actually beyond cute.

Let us know if they get back together?? she may have found her soul mate.. You never know.

Might make me feel like there's hope for me.

  xNephilim  |  18

That's crap.
I never had the whole "OHEMGEE BOYS ARE DISGUSTING" phase when I was a kid. Neither did my sister. That's just how kids are raised in some areas, or in some families, I guess.


She'll only be on Xanax if her mother puts her on Xanax.

At age 5, what she is doing is a learned behavior. There's nothing really wrong with her. She just thinks she's supposed to act that way.

  CultureChic  |  14

It's pretty sad and twisted that society and the media is teaching 5 year old toddlers that they need boyfriends. Ugh, pretty soon it'll be normal for kids to lose their virginity at age 8.
I hardly even cared about boys until I was twice that age. I still don't. Being in a relationship is nice, but my life doesn't depend on it.
And whenever I'm in a relationship, it's serious, and real. Having a boyfriend just for the sake of having one is just stupid, in my opinion.


That doesn't mean that society has taught them that they need boyfriends.
So she had a "boyfriend." Big deal.
I got "married" when I was seven.
She has probably had an experience with someone in her life, whether it be her mother, if she's single, or a babysitter, cousin, etc. where they went through a break up and were devastated. So, when her "boyfriend" broke up with her, she thought she should be upset.

There's nothing wrong with her. And society is not to blame.
Her mom just might have her hands a little full when this little drama queen gets older [:

  GreatGeak  |  8

society actually is to blame.
we are all products of our environment, so almost 100% of the time society is to blame.

now freaking out about it is probably overkill, but then again IMO this whole love thing has been so blown out of proportion. We've literally made it into a religion of it's own.


When you're 5 years old, your environment consists of the adults responsible for you, and fellow 5 year olds.
That's hardly to blame for her wanting a boyfriend.
Children imitate adults. That's a fact; it's what they do. Mommy and Daddy are married so they want to be married. Mommy has a boyfriend so she wants a boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

Basically what you're saying is that we should stop having any kind of relationship with anyone else because then our children will want the same thing, and that's society corrupting them.
Honestly, that's quite moronic.

  amayasoma  |  19

well society is to blame. I bet this little 5 year old watches TV. kids imitate what they see and hear. Soon she will BR hearing about sex mostly because of tv and others around her. I kind of would be worried that she is acting like this at such a young age. That age is a time to be care free not crying over boys.

  cradle6  |  13

153- That's the biggest psychological debate. Nature vs Nurture. Genetics vs. Environment. Both are accepted as factors, but the argument is over how much.

And about the fml, she's just trying to follow societal norms, in her perception. She probably got it from you OP or tv, and thinks that she's supposed to 1) have boyfriends and 2) be devasted at a break up.

  Lil_Red777  |  21

um kid are losing their virginity a 8 that's the world we live in and btw shes a little kid she doesn't fucking know what a boyfriend really is all she knows is what she's seen on tv and in her home kids that age mimic so quit saying she's gonna be a teen mom cause you really don't know that

  dorkychick  |  0

cute? you people are stupid...cute that a 5 year old little girl is already destraut and emotionally effected by a relationship is cute? yes she might just be copying things she sees in the long run...and although it might give a good laugh...she honestly thinks she is supposed to be destraut over all should not reproduce


If you READ it clearly says OP didn't know what the problem was when the school phoned her up as the kid wouldn't say. Only when OP got to the school did her kid say what was wrong. YDI for being a dumbass, should've gone to specsavers, I heard they do cracking deals.

By  Stupidpeopleanno  |  5

IN MY OPINION, I think your daughter will become a whore if she already thinks about boys breaking up with her. It's a bad sign if she shuts down for a boy at the age of 5. Inmagine when she's older!

  KingDingALing  |  9

Yeah! That's like saying "no homo" after you say something completely gay!
For example, "Yo, how big is yo' dick? No homo though, you know, cuz I don't play dat homo shit."
Just because you say "no homo" doesn't mean that you can say the gayest shit that comes to mind!

And that was your random fact of the day. Brought to you by Ling-Ling.

  hopper5101  |  11

did you really just predict a five year old is going to become a whore??? that the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I for one think it's pretty damn cute that she said it. besides a "boyfriend or girlfriend" at the age of five consists of sharing snacks and coloring with the other person.

  kweenbitch  |  0

#6 has a valid point. IMHO, the 5 yr old is getting this bf crap from her mom/dad/wtvr, so she is on a path to whoredom. 5 yrs old & goin on about a "bf" and the "feelings" that go along w it...? yea ok. sooo NOT cute. she needs a talk about when it is appropriate to have a bf, ect.

& you idiots need to crawl out of docs asshole. your like fucking lemming.

  binkybaby  |  3

You're right. It's ok for teenagers, drunks, druggies and molesters to have kids, but an emo? They shouldn't be able to procreate at all. Bring on the parental aptitude test!


Emo (short for EMOtive hardcore) is a subgenre of the '80s Washington DC hardcore scene that lasted through the late '90s.

Don't confuse sweet jams with overly bitchy suburban white people.