What Mötley Crüe call "Breakfast"

By oh no - 18/04/2020 02:00

Today, I think all those jokes my wife made about becoming an alcoholic during quarantine may be true. She came back from the weekly shopping today with 7 bottles of wine, a bottle of tequila and a 30-pack of beer. FML
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Only one bottle of tequila? She’s fine.

Pfft... what a lightweight...


Pfft... what a lightweight...

Is she "joking" about you or herself becoming an alcoholic?

Only one bottle of tequila? She’s fine.

If she drank all of them a day she might be an alcoholic.

Keep an eye on the average consumption per day. It is so easy for it to become an addiction/for our bodies and brains to become physically addicted. A lot of people can drink heavily no problem and in these times I get why people are imbibing more often! But for some it definitely is a slippery slope. 5 months sober here. :)

I'm with her.

Haha she’s like 96% of the world doing the same thing...let her quarantine how she wants to😝

Our liquor stores are closed and the alcoholics around me are going insane. You can’t even go in to the closest states to get any. Lol I’m glad I’m only addicted to food and online shopping.

Time to introduce her to anal.

you are all lucky. here the liquor stores are closed for almost 50 days now :(