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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  32

I went to Disney World without kids tagging along, and it was still awful. Way too noisy, so busy you queue for hours just to spend five minutes on a ride, the restaurants were always full to capacity, so I had to snack instead, spoiled brats demanding things left, right, and center from their disinterested parents, and on the second day, it rained all day, but staying in the hotel wasn't an option, because it defeats the point of going to Disney World. By all means go. You're both probably a lot more outgoing than I am, but if you take young kids with you, everything you've taught them about good behavior will vanish, and you'll wonder when you started living with a Banshee.

By  123Puppy  |  32

He is probably saying that your honeymoon would be much better with just the two of you because you two would be able to focus on each other completely. It’s actually really sweet!

By  faifai_fml  |  21

Seriously? All the bad stuff happening every day and THIS is your fml?
Just keep taking your birth control and voila, problem solved. Do you really want to be 8 months knocked up on your wedding day anyway?

By  thehaystackerine  |  20

they kind of do. speaking from experience.