By Anonymous / Saturday 1 August 2009 04:32 / United States
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  blehargh  |  0

How did the spider get IN your eye? Just reach in and pluck it out, shouldn't be a big deal unless it was a black widow and it injected venom into your eyeball.

  Jbot  |  0

What the hell are you talking about? She had a fucking spider IN HER EYE. She didn't have to just touch it, she had to have it in her.

  Serafie  |  0

...she had a SPIDER IN HER EYE. CRAWLING AROUND ON HER EYE. Touching a spider alone wouldn't be an FML but having a spider ON YOUR FUCKING EYE would.

  SnowByte  |  0

To someone who has arachnaphobia, such as my mother and myself, this is a huge FML. Don't knock OP about it. She/he might be afraid of them whereas you seem to have no problem with them.


Hey, unless you haven't realized, some people are scared of spiders. If someone who's scared of spiders gets a spider in their eye, they have reason to flip out or post an FML.

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