By whyyyyy - 17/5/2020 23:00


  Today, after months of dating, I finally saw my boyfriend naked. Turns out he has a micropenis. I assured him that I like him for who he was and that we could explore other things. He said no, because oral and sex toys are "immoral." FML
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  Taylor Caldwell  |  10

Usually cognitive dissonant religious zealots

By  DoctorPALO  |  11

You're all full of it. Length DOES NOT MATTER. All of the nerves are at the opening of the vagina. Girth is more important by far. Fingers can do the same job. If you're that much of a size queen, go buy one of those huge dildos and let him find someone who REALLY "loves him for who he is."

  TexasKitten79  |  3

1. Some women like longer penises because they enjoy their cervix being bumped during sex. They also enjoy it when the Gspot is hit. 2. A micro penis doesnt have any girth. I have seen a micro penis, it was shorter than a pinky toe and thinner than a pencil. 3. OP already said she was fine with his size, but the boyfriend wasn't willing to do anything to sexually please her.

By  Alyxandrea Loffer  |  12

you didn't learn these beliefs beforehand? you really wanted to date someone who viewed female pleasure as immoral and are now going to complain? are you 15?

  JasonThorn  |  18

I think he meant that using toys as part of the act was immoral.

And since sex outside of marriage is ALSO immoral, probably a good idea to dump him, because double standards will mess up a relationship.