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Hey, OP here! I'm a girl and a senior in high school. My physics class of 10 had planned a hike to enjoy the warm weather when this happened. Considering how hot it was, I wasn't as bothered as I could've been. The ironic part was how I had stated earlier "If anyone's going to trip and fall off the trail, it's going to be me" as I know myself to be clumsy. Boy, was I right. Everyone did get in a few good laughs, including myself and my teacher. He didn't even look surprised haha. It was definitely uncomfortable hiking back with my soaked jeans and long-sleeved shirt, but I was over it almost instantly and can laugh about it now. Graduation is in a couple of weeks, and I'm glad I'm able to take such hilarious memories with me! Thanks for all the nice and funny comments. :)
By SuperWhoMarvLock / Friday 6 May 2016 01:35 / United States - Hibbing
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By  GhostFox  |  33

Sounds like your school didn't really think that bike route through... Chances are if it hadn't been you, it'd've been someone else.

That said, on the bright side you didn't break your leg or neck and drown in the pond because of it, which sounds like it very well could have happened. Soggy clothes are probably marginally less uncomfortable than a fatal drowning.

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