By BloodyButUnbowed

Sex, Different idea

Today, I was deceived into a contract to "edit" porn. It was sick, disgusting material which stirred up all my sexual-abuse-survivor issues and made me retch. When I went to my husband to tell him what happened, his only comment was "Is it hot?" FML
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  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

I really think someone who suffered sexual abuse and just had a trigger event deserve a little more compassion. Do you not think that as an abuse survivor she would have been wary? Maybe the producer lied to her and is using her natural sense of loyalty to mnipulate her. Maybe it was a verbal agreement. OP, I really hope your husband was just being facetious and that he comforted you later.


Not all pornography is consensual and often comprises of themes in which women are treated quite aggressively and violently or fantasizes rape or forced sex. Porn isn't even a realistic representation of sex in the first place.


Thank you. Yes, the porn producer lied (explicitly and directly) about the contents. It was not a misunderstanding or anything like that.

... and, yes, my husband was joking. I'm not sure why he thought that was a good time for a joke at my expense, but he was more supportive once he understood what had happened.

By  Surewhatever  |  35

Although I feel bad for OP, what did you expect the porn to be like? I'm not into it, but would expect any and many levels of depravity. Hell, I'm currently getting drunk to convince myself to sign onto a phone sex line. Totally freaked out by it, been told to expect anything from people wanting me to fart, to wanting to be put down and insulted in every way.

By  julfunky  |  29

While being “deceived” into it is probably on you for not thoroughly reading it, this is a huge FML given your husband’s response. Assuming you told him about your experiences and told him how this editing made you feel.

By  shannon2348  |  14

Did you bother to read the contract? Did you not discuss what it was you were going to edit? It just doesn't make sense they would want an editor who'se repulsed by porn.