By firefire - 30/7/2020 08:01

Scoville scale

Today, since my husband has been volunteering to do more of the cooking, I was happy and relieved to have help, until every meal he made had an ungodly amount of spices in it. I overheard him on the phone, saying he’s been purposely making my food inedibly hot so that I’ll eat less and lose weight. FML
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By  Gradask  |  9

Well two can play that game. Get Da Bomb, make some lovely mild dish and then just add 1 drop to his, it will be painful beyond belief. And yo should act calm and ask if it is too spice for him.

By  Robert Cruikshank  |  7

Wait, he could just leave her if the weight is the issue. Sounds to me that this man cares very much for her and wishes to help. Not a great method. But, give the guy a chance to explain.