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Today my neighbor's asked me to feed their two horses while they go on vacation for a month. I happily agreed. As they were getting in the car to drive off, they added, "Oh, and water the plants!" They have six acres. FML
C8H18 tells us more :
OP here. here's more info: of course the pasture the horses were in didn't need to be watered, and they had two lawns with sprinkles. The majority of the rest of the property was newly planted vegetable gardens. They were in the process of installing a watering system and it wasn't hooked up yet. Everything was being watered with hoses. Btw, how the hell did you guys come up with house plants? I didn't have access to the house, and why would I mention six acres if I was talking about indoor plants? Come on, people. I did call my neighbor's after they pulled this and they explained that husband thought wife had told me already while wife assumed husband had told me. They didn't realize their mistake until they were about to pull away. So, innocent mistake, but had they told me sooner I would have had the chance to mention I've never been able to keep a plant alive. :(
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  trollcrusher  |  17

Yeah, with 6 acres, I'm sure they have to be farmers or commercial growers of something or the other. In that case, they'd probably refer to what's growing in their fields as "crops", not simply plants. It seems reasonable for OP to assume that they simply meant indoor plants. Where I come from, crop fields are watered with irrigation pipes, which either have to be wheeled or carried to different positions in order to give the entire field water. That's a big job to suddenly do by yourself, especially if you don't know what you're doing. If the family had any sense, they probably payed a few bucks to some neighboring farm boys to take care of irrigation. If these people would entrust their livelihood to OP based on some casual, parting instructions, they don't deserve a good harvest.

By  lysx84  |  24

I'd water the indoor plants and hope that nature took care of outside. That being said, I'm in Scotland where outdoor plants do not go thirsty!

By  LoveBeingTexan  |  12

Yeah, I wouldn't put up with shit like that. Even if it's only a small number of plants, they should have ASKED you about it beforehand. Not added it to your "list" as they were driving away. Take care of the horses like you promised, but let the plants die. When your neighbors get back, say you didn't hear them.

  whysobeachy  |  37

If the plants in question are in plain sight, then it would only be ethical (do forgive me, if that's not the right word here), on OP's part, to water them. I mean, six acres is just insane, but if I had to go to feed someone's horses, and I saw their (indoor) plants dying, I'd water them without being asked. But maybe that's just me.

  whysobeachy  |  37

I suppose spellcheck fucked #13 over, and that they meant to write "What if I wanted them to die?"
In answer to the question, btw: Then you're a grand cunt.

  LoveBeingTexan  |  12

If they had asked OP to water the plants at the same time he/she agreed to take care of the horses, there wouldn't be an issue. And the fact OP mentioned the 6 acres leads me to believe they aren't indoor plants.