By klutz - 27/02/2009 20:23 - United States

Today, I wore out the highest heels I had but was nervous about falling because I am such a klutz. I got through the night without any injuries, so I changed into the sneakers I had brought with me to walk home. I tripped right outside my house in my sneakers and broke my ankle. FML
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That totally sounds like something I would do xP. I'm sorry, I hope your ankle heals quickly!!


That totally sounds like something I would do xP. I'm sorry, I hope your ankle heals quickly!!

I don't even know how to wear heels. I manage to trip over my own feet quite often enough though.

Haha accidents like that always catch you while you're off guard :(

haha sucker! man i hate it when people use the term "klutz". who the **** though of that?! its stupid and it makes you sound like a brainless shit bag who lacks vocabulary...and did i mention a brain? it pisses me off so bad!!! "clumsy" is a word! that and "bratz". its ******* BRATS?! learn to spell. shit. in fifty years, communication is going to be reduced to gurgling and grunting.

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lol that sucks. Understandable that you can't walk with heels tho.

I've actually done that - it's not as unusual as you think. Your ankle tendon was loosened and weakened by being stretched in heals. When you switched, it was all lose and wobbly and not stretched anymore. Like if you have a fat friend who borrows your trousers that are too small. She wears them all day, you're worried they're gonna rip, but somehow they don't. But as soon as you put them back on, they fall off, because they've been stretched out.

that is me RIGHT friends love to rip on me for it...i can walk around for hours in high heels...and i dont even wear them other than special occasions...i wear converse which are the flattest shoes ever...and im perfectly balanced walking or running in high heels...i tip over while STANDING in one spot, on level ground in flat shoes...