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By anonymous - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Elk River

Today, my boyfriend bought us plane tickets to Mexico for our "Honeymoon". This would be nice if he had proposed and if we'd been dating for longer than 2 weeks. FML
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Go to Mexico say no to proposal. Have fun. Then run.

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I say you run, run as fast as you can. That's scary.


Go to Mexico say no to proposal. Have fun. Then run.

It's a great idea #2. OP should totally go abroad alone with some pyscho.

Who said take him . International tickets have your name and its your passport . I said go to Mexico and say no to the proposal.

How is she going to go without him unnoticed if: 1/ he’s got the ticket 2/ he’ll be on the same plane She is way better off running away from that guy as fast as possible

I think #13 meant that OP should go to the honeymoon with her bf. Then say no to the proposal.

I think trying to explain this is a lost cause. Fly a little more and you'll understand the steps involved and how to change dates and or flights etc.

Aha #33, I fly in average 5 to 6 times a year. If you know anything about changing flight schedule, you should know that it’s first of all not always possible, it’s might be a nun-refundable, non-changeable flight, secondly, if it’s possible, it’s usually quite costly. #24 I wonder how OP could have fun on holidays with a guy she is totally creeped out by.

I can fly for free, Due to my father working with Alaska Airlines. so I don't really have a problem. Op didn't say anything about being creeped out.

#38 I'm with you on that one. OP called him her "boyfriend", not a term I'd use for someone too creepy to feel safe alone with.

i don't think the FML says he proposed

I guess the fact that her story is on FML must mean that she found his present really sweet...

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I say you run, run as fast as you can. That's scary.

No, thats not enough, you have to switch counties and become a buddhist nun, swearing a life of silence and fealty. It may be a bit drastic, but it is the only way to never be found.

The scary part is going to Mexico with someone you know for 2 weeks. The "honeymoon" was pretty obviously a joke.

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3, I'm pretty sure a plane will get her to Mexico faster than running will, though.

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I don't think you can intervene crazy.

Get out as soon as you can. Trust me. RUN!!

not before spending some quality sun time in Mexico!

What type of person would waste someone else's time by marrying them, and then goes off and never comee back.

yeah! invest a lot of time, legally bind you to him, commit yourself for the process and than run! its that simple! oh wait, its stupid. he could find her easier if they're married anyways and who the hell wants to get married after 2 weeks?!

Yeah, what do you think this is? A romantic comedy?

Why waste the time and money? I'm guessing you put absolutely no thought into that comment. Think before you post.

pandalover, have you met fluffypandas yet? i think youll get along great

How crazy people like that get dates in the first place is beyond me...

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Because they come off as being normal, and then the crazy comes out.

Perhaps to Mexico. Or over the moon. He'd never check either.