By Christina / Monday 5 December 2011 05:41 / Canada
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  tjv3  |  9

I thought everyone knew what the bell at a bar means

  nekros_fml  |  5

I am sure new born babies even know that running the bell means your buying everyone at the bar a shot. I mean, it's genetic right? DUH

  evilplatypus  |  35

109 & 139 - My sister has been bar tending for ten years; my uncle has owned a bar for twenty three years. I asked both of them and neither had ever heard of that before. My sister says that the bell at her bar is to announce you're tipping the bar tenders.

  lolman222  |  0

You forgot a period at the end of your sentence! Grammar nazi!!!

  nolarboot  |  10

Maybe I'm trolling a troll, but using more than one exclamation mark at the end of a sentence is also grammatically incorrect. That being said, I also concede. No one gives a fuck.

By  Joshawott  |  19

Age old advice: Do not ring and ask questions later; unless you're doing a phone survey, as that's your job. However, this is not a phone survey, so don't.

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