By Christina - 05/12/2011 05:41 - Canada

Today, I noticed an old bell at the bar so I rang it. It turns out that when you ring the bell, you buy shots for the whole bar. FML
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Never ring a bell without knowing the consequences. Especially at a bar.

That is a really good policy. Great for business


Never ring a bell without knowing the consequences. Especially at a bar.

never ring a bell without knowing the consequences. i love that old saying.

Make your choice, adventerous stranger Strike the bell and pass the danger Or wonder, till it turns you mad What would have happened if you had

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#11 -- Dammit, Zuzu! You beat me to it!

Ahh curiosity, some of us have to learn the hard way

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I thought everyone knew what the bell at a bar means

109 No, because that would mean you can't trick your friends into ringing it!

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109 & 139 - My sister has been bar tending for ten years; my uncle has owned a bar for twenty three years. I asked both of them and neither had ever heard of that before. My sister says that the bell at her bar is to announce you're tipping the bar tenders.

OP better be pretty damn fast to attempt that. Having a bar-full of drunks running after you is not a pleasant situation to be in.

Trust in #17, he would know these things.

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You ever been to a bar like that? The bell is in a strategic spot so you can't run away.

That would be a dick move to be childish enough to leave and ignore old bar traditions.

That is a really good policy. Great for business

You forgot a period at the end of your sentence! Grammar nazi!!!

That isn't grammar you tool. It's punctuation.

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Punctuation is part of grammar; don't be an idiot.

Maybe I'm trolling a troll, but using more than one exclamation mark at the end of a sentence is also grammatically incorrect. That being said, I also concede. No one gives a ****.

Srry this is really random but i like the pig on ur pic!=D

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Usually not the best idea to be ringing random bells... especially at a bar.

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I'm pretty sure number 1 said that but good try tho! Op that's funny sorry it had to end that way :/ you could trick a friend to do it! Lol

They're two minutes apart. How could he know?

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Now that you know take someone new every chance you get and make sure they ring it

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Age old advice: Do not ring and ask questions later; unless you're doing a phone survey, as that's your job. However, this is not a phone survey, so don't.