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There is NOTHING sexy about a diaper. Yes, don’t be judgmental about health or fetishes, but that’s not something to pull out on a first date and think the other is automatically going to think it’s sexy. That’s something you need to discuss first with someone you’re going to get serious with. Plus, unless you KNOW the other person is into it, no woman is going to want to put their hands, mouth, or any other part of their body on something that’s covered and been sitting in urine. If anything, he should’ve gone straight to the bathroom, taken it off, given himself a thorough cleaning before returning. I do not blame her one bit on being grossed out.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

At first I read that you went blind while on a date. It would almost have been better if you had.

By  mfranks19891989  |  10

Did you have to change him?

On a serious note could he have a medical condition and has to wear a diaper for a while. If so why would he take you back to his place for sex.

If he’s just wearing it to be lazy then he’s just weird .

By  crashtestdumplin  |  16

Maybe he gets anxiety poops? Though he probably would of changed to regular underwear if that were the case. Unless he wears one everyday and just forgot? Or maybe the date did not go as well to him and instead of being upfront about it he thought a diaper reveal would deter you. Should of played chicken with it.